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I wanted to see it, no one else would write it, so I took it upon myself, to write, the first. Milfs are hot. Don't look at me that way. It could happen. And Inuyasha needs a mature woman as a mate. Her hand, Dildos, Vibrators, even a can of hair spray!

She is wild, she is on the loose, she is nigh uncatchable. But when the pirate captain Inuyasha is given the chance to be pardoned in exchange for her capture, will he take the chance of a peaceful life or will he follow her to the ends of the earth, never quite reaching her?

A story told in snippets and drabbles.

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Soulmates - a concept that Kagome has heard of all her life. Her grandfather is convinced she has one; but only time will tell how true that is. After encountering her ex at her housewarming party, Kagome decides the best way to get over the heartbreak is in the form of the gorgeous stranger attending the party. Acting on impulse, Kagome gets a whole lot more than she bargained for. Inuyasha is not too pleased about getting dragged into this mess and demands that Kagome undo the spell.

Unfortunately for him, she has no idea how to do that. Despite returning to her normal life, Kaname Kururugi is torn inside. She longs for the adventure of the Feudal Era and the friends she experienced them with. It has been a month's time since she was last in Feudal Japan and nothing feels quite the same anymore. With her Shikigami wearing off, she wonders if there is any possibility of her returning and if so, how would she get home this time?

What happens when the enemy returns to tempt Sesshomaru with a demoness that is also his soulmate? The Dai-yokai wakes one night in the arms of Natsuki, a female dog-demon. What happens when Rin finds out?

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Can they figure out what is happening before it's too late? Ohh, God, I must smell like a bitch in heat!!! But it was to late Inuyasha was on his knees right in front of her, He sniffed her legs like mad making a path right for her crotch. Inuyasha looked up and smiled at her, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. She gracefully unhooking her bra and threw it in his face, giggling like a horny schoolgirl as she did.

At the sight of her hairy bush peeking behind her white panties, his mouth watered more. Unable to contain himself, he dove in and began planting kisses on the wet stain on her panties. She began to moan and grind her hips. The wetness on his mouth and the smell of her pussy was driving him wild.

When he began to concentrate on her clit she began to scream. Oh God, There!

Chapter 1 - Kagome's Mom

Ooooohhh, Good Boyyy. This was unbearable for her. Inuyasha Faster. Go Faster! His tongue continued it's leisurely stroll around her clit until she tensed up and exploded in one giant climax. She grabbed him by the hair, urging him to explore her secret chambers. He obliged, pushing his tongue in and out of her vagina, rubbing her clit with his thumb until she raised her hips in mid-air, gave a load moan and exploded in another round of ecstasy.

My this is different? Kagome was very this good.

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The quivering of his loins told him he could stand it no longer. And Utsukushii was not a person to be denied what she wanted.

Inuyasha appeared out of the well and jumped up to kagome's window. We need to get back to shard collecting!

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Getting no response he went inside to look around. He sniffed around searching for her scent. Finding it was very old he left her room. He was going to go downstairs when a sweet smell assaulted his nose. She was getting dressed after coming out of her bath when she heard him start going down stairs. Time to put my plan into action. Inuyasha walked into the kitchen and was greeted by the same sweet smell. He saw he had his head in between Utsukushii's legs with his nose poking her vagina, which was emanating the sweet scent.

Smell something good? Inuyasha got up with a mad blush on his cheeks and coughed. Utsukushii smiled. Inuyasha breathed a sigh of relief. Utsukushii gave Inuyasha's body a once over, paying extra attention to the area between his legs.

And his cock is so big. Inuyasha only caught a fleeting glimpse of red on her cheeks. Because of me? He was snapped out of his thoughts when she asked " inuyasha, would you mind helping me with a few things around the house? They both got up and Mrs. It hit the floor and shattered.

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This was when Inuyasha realized Mrs. He blushed as his body immediately reacted to the sight. Get inuyasha to check out my sexy body by wearing revealing clothes and no bra! She often leaves dirty clothes and trash laying on the ground.

Were just getting some of it off the floor. They started to pick the dirty clothes and trash off the ground. - the best free porn videos on internet, free. Read galleries with character kagome higurashi on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader. Nov 28,   Then he gave a deep groan before pumping gallons of cum, It seemed like the force of his ejaculation would tear his cock off to Inuyasha and it felt like a month's supply of sperm had been used up, And Kagome's mom felt like a water ballown.

Inuyasha blushed when he picked up a pair of pink panties. He glanced at Mrs.

Chapter 1 - Kagome's Mom

She landed on the ground making her skirt ride up, giving inuyasha a good look at her panties. Before him, were Mrs. If it was possible, inuyasha's hard-on got even harder. Phase two complete! Arouse inuyasha with my lack of panties and shaven wet pussy!

She got up and continued to pick up clothes while inuyasha, still madly blushing, did the same. After putting all the clothes in a hamper and throwing the trash away they walked down to the laundry room.

Kate Beckinsale Sent Nude Pictures to Her Mom

Inuyasha managed to pull her out before the water could rise over her face but not before her shirt was completely soaked through. Inuyasha looked and nearly got a nosebleed. Inuyasha blushed madly before covering her his haori. This should warm you up some. She smiled at him. My pussy is just aching to feel your thick cock inside of it. When they entered her room she gave inuyasha back his haori and began to take off her soaked shirt.

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She noticed the mad blush on inuyasha's face and said. She took off her shirt in a slow, almost teasing manner in front of him. Despite his best efforts, Inuyasha couldn't keep himself from staring at Mrs. Why don't you take it off. Inuyasha was now topless in front of kagome's mother who had nothing but a skirt on. She looked at inuyasha sweetly " inuyasha, I have one final chore that only you can do.

Inuyasha gulped. She edged closer to inuyasha to the point where she was leaning on him.

Kagomes mom nude

Inuyasha gulped again. I p-promise. Her voice thick with lust. Kagome's mother wanted him to have sex with her! Inuyasha took a hard gulp. Your kagome's mo ther!

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Inuyasha gd when he felt Utsukushii's tongue against his own and she swallowed the noise. She broke the kiss, leaving a thin trail of saliva from her lips to his and inuyasha in a daze. But when she looked further down she gaped.

Someone is quite well endowed down here! I think i can help you bring this down Inuyasha. He was about to push her away when he felt her lick the head of his shaft. He gd, which was apparently what she was looking for because she did it again, then licked the sides before she slowly began to engulf his entire length. The feeling of his rod in her hot mouth was incredible.

She took almost all of him in before he hit the back of her throat. She slowly bobbed her head up and down on him causing him to moan and groan. She slipped her hand down and began to push her fingers into her wet opening.

I'm gonna cum! As soon as she felt his cum hit the back of her throat she came hard on her fingers and started to swallow. And it taste so good. She was surprised at the amount of cum he was gushing out. Kenji had never came this much. She didn't know how much more she could take before he finally stopped. She expected him to go completely soft but was surprised to feel him still fully erect in her mouth.

She pulled him out and smiled at Inuyasha then gave the head another lick to clean the leftover cum off of it. I want to try something. She got down on her knees and compressed her perky CC cup breast around his cock. Inuyasha groaned loudly at the feeling. Her breast felt so soft around his member. It only added to the pleasure when she began to lightly suck and swirl her tongue around the head of his member. She was doing this for another ten minutes when she finally heard him say, "Utsukushii!

I'm gonna cum again! She stopped sucking for a second to speak. Cum in my mouth. I want it.

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Inuyasha couldn't contain the pressure in his balls anymore and came hard in her mouth again. Utsukushii swallowed it all, nearly gagging in the amount given to her, but kept the last load in her mouth, savoring the slightly salty taste before making a show of swallowing it slowly.

She pulled him out of her mouth and let the rest of his cum shoot onto her breast and nipples. She moaned at the feeling.

When she moved back up she could tell inuyasha was still a little nervous. She smiled and took his hand and put it on her breast. Inuyasha was going to pull away but she kept his hand there. Utsukushii moaned at the feeling going through her breast.

Inuyasha was making her feel things she hadn't felt since her husband died. Just like that. Inuyasha, being a little bolder, used his thumb and gently flicked her left nipple. She moaned louder causing him to accidentally pinch her nipple.

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