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ated on March 7, Originally published on February 1, Joel Osteen is a well-known televangelist, preacher and best-selling author from Houston, Texas. He is mostly recognized for being one of the senior pastors at the largest Protestant church in America, Lakewood Church. His live sermons are streamed to an average of 20 million people on a monthly basis. Before he began preaching himself, he spent a lot of time working behind the scenes at Lakewood Church.

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But to me, when I see thousands of people before me, it just doesn't come out of me to say, 'You guys are terrible, and you're going to hell. You've got to live an obedient life, but for every mistake you've made, there's mercy there, and I believe we can do better. It also topped The New York Times Best Seller list [ citation needed ] and had a first printing of three million copies.

Osteen has generally avoided discussing or preaching about controversial issues such as gay marriage, abortion, and politics.

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In an interview on Fox News in during the Republican Party Presidential primary racewhen discussing whether he thought that Mormons were ChristiansOsteen indicated that he believed that they were. He further revealed that he had not studied the religion. Osteen's sermons and writings are sometimes criticized for promoting prosperity theologyor the prosperity gospel, a belief that the reward of material gain is the will of God for all pious Christians.

He has specifically stated that he never preaches about money because of the reputation of televangelists. In an interview with The Christian Post on April 21,Osteen expressed his sentiments on being perceived as being part of the prosperity gospel. I think prosperity, and I've said it 1, times, it's being healthy, it's having great children, it's having peace of mind. Money is part of it; and yes, I believe God wants us to excel I feel very rewarded.

I wrote a book and sold millions of copies; and Victoria and I were able to help more people than we ever dreamed of. But when I hear the term prosperity gospel, I think people are sometimes saying, 'Well, he's just asking for money'. During the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in AugustOsteen received significant criticism for not making Lakewood Church, a ,square-foot, 16,seat former basketball arena, available as an emergency shelter for those displaced by the storm.

How this notion got started, that we're not a shelter and we're not taking people in is a false narrative. On August 15,less than a year after Harvey struck, the City of Houston and Mayor Sylvester Turner proclaimed a day in honor of Lakewood and Osteen's assistance in rebuild efforts across the Houston area.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 6 April American televangelist and author. Osteen preaching at Lakewood ChurchAugust 12, Houston, Texas. Victoria Osteen m. Evangelical Christianity portal.

Joel osteen nude

Houston Chronicle. January 26, Retrieved November 12, May 31, Retrieved February 10, Retrieved February 23, TBN Africa. NYU Press. Retrieved August 30, Retrieved November 15, October 2, Retrieved September 20, Retrieved November 16, Houston Press.

Retrieved January 31, World Vision. Archived from the original on February 17, Retrieved January 12, The Washington Times. Retrieved January 21, NBC News. A cross would turn off non-Christians.

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One of the "sales points" of Christianity lite, is that you don't have to a "Christian" to believe in the words of Jesus Christ. Kind of like "Jews for Jesus. I can't believe that there's any doubt this guy is living a lie.

To me it's just so obvious that he's gay and his wife is as well. Plus I will never believe that he, or anyone else who does what he does, is motivated by anything other than power and greed. So what if his message is the "kinder, gentler" side of Christianity? He just managed to find an open niche in which he could fit and make millions.

Joel Osteen is a phony non christian minster. He relies heavily on psychology not on the bible. Diane Sawyer interviewed him and she said to him, I don't understand how you claim to be a christian minster ,yet you rely on psychology and not on the bible. His father was a true minister and he was the real deal.

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I have heard his wife is a witch who gets into confrontations with stewardesses etc. There is no difference between hIm and David Miscavige or any other person who is ultra rich from a 'religion. At least Scientology is more honest about it.

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Look, most of the people who give their money to many of these fools who are just there for the money aren't all victims. Many people are aware what they are doing and the problem is, they are stupid people who don't read their bibles.

When a couple is dating, can you imagine if all they did was hang out together with their friends? If they never got alone, would they ever get to know each other and fall in love? Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, ) is an American pastor, televangelist, and author, based in Houston, draytek-mx.com has been called the "most popular preacher on the planet" and is often listed as one of the most influential religious leaders in the draytek-mx.com: Lakewood Church. Feb 02,   The lord is my personal trainer, I shall not want. Mega-televangelist Joel Osteen hit the beach in Hawaii this week for a little family vacation time with his wife Victoria, his son Jonathan, his.

If they did read their bibles, you wouldn't have people giving a lot of money to "so called" ministers like Osteen. Have famliy who are born again Christians, and many of their friends are born again Christians and they wouldn't give "so called" minsters like Osteen one penny.

They are fully aware what they are and they are not biblical in what they are doing. It's anti biblical for minsters to rake in millions of dollars and live a lavish lifestyles. The apostle Paul didn't do that.

R Really, where the fuck is Shelley Miss Cabbage then? And all the other people who are slaves for the Scientologists? I am as intolerant of organized religion as one can be. I genuinely am filled with a hideous hostility when I think of the likes of Falwell, Robertson, Roberts, and even Billy Graham.

So, when I say that I find Joel Osteen to be a decent guy who does not make me scream and want to throw up when I occasionally see him on TV, you best believe that's a genuine rarity for me. No, it doesn't make me wanna pray, nor does it signal any desire on my part to believe in an imaginary divine character. But if you have not listened to a JO "lesson", you are in for a shock if you imagine him to be shaming or inflaming the fundies re: their homophobic tendencies.

He does have a serious case of "BDF" though. R, I think you are missing R's point. Scientology threatens people pretty openly and former members have a lot of stories out there. But Osteen has kept everything hidden. None of his entourage or inner circle has come out and accused him of the kind of things Miscavige is accused of. Scientology is honest in that it is pretty straightforward about threatening people.

There's a thread on DL inquiring about posters' obsessions. I responded that mine was learning about "the truth" behind the PR lies. I have such mixed feelings hearing Osteen's name; now I know why. R, Would appreciate it if you could enlighten DL with the specific reasons you've come to your conclusion about Osteen. R, R, In other words, Osteen uses the "gospel of prosperity" to justify his million dollar lifestyle as a blessing from the Lord.

If he were a true Christian, he'd either be giving the majority of that money away to make a real economic difference in others' lives, such as to shelter the homeless.

excellent idea

Or he'd be enabling his followers to be more economically viable, such as through employment services. Is that what you mean? Hi and welcome to page 5 of the thread. Lots of specific and enlightening arguments on previous pages.

R, I've been the one writing most of the comments on this thread, and I've very carefully read all of the responses. The reason I asked a previous poster to elaborate on his statement, that Osteen was a "mountebank," is that I'd never heard the term used in this manner.

It's always really bothered me about the "bait and switch" cts of religion. It's worse than an invite to a free develop your own business seminar. The Osteens ministry is interesting with its spinning globe of the World at the pulpit, Joel's difficulty in defining the Gospel on talk shows and how they pack thousands upon thousands in that stadium week after week. Sign of the times, I guess. I used to be, before I realized that I did not believe any of it and that I don't need salvation.

What really put me off, however, is how dogmatic, I found, Christians can be. What I'm getting at is your aversion to his message, which isn't particularly profound or useful IMO but isn't really harmful, and your focus on the economic ct of it all. Is the diligent practice of faith really only possible in destitution?

It seems to me he is giving people what they want; and I would hope they know what exactly they want and are able to get. The money spent on this, whether wated or not, would be spent by the same people on something else.

I can't see how people are being duped into parting with cash they hadn't already planned to spend. I am honestly curious. This isn't meant as an attack, I found this thread somewhat interesting and, before reading R99, I was under the impression he was a decent person.

Closeted, but not an asshole.

Carlton Pearson speaks about Joel Osteen

R, That's why I wanted to continue and expand this thread. As a child I was given a book by Norman Vincent Peale, and other feel-good, positive thinking authors. Is this the new incarnation, along with the benefits of the media exposure? I was told that some TX churches resemble less expensive country clubs, complete with singles meetings, coffee houses, etc. Certain denominations and even individual preachers can be hypocritical and judgemental.

But they have nothing to do with the relationship you have with Jesus. There are many wonderful, welcoming churches around.

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I belong to one. Anyway, I have to think that the folks that go to see Osteen preach are really hungering for more than the message of earthly prosperity that he preaches and that they tithe.

Yeah, I do think you're right about people wanting more than they are getting, especially at these big churches.

Did Joel Osteen's church staff body slam a baby?

It is a shame because I still think that there can be a great deal of hope and healing for many people in Jesus. He was on Jimmy Fallon recently. When they spoke about their wives, I just wonder who do they think they're fooling?

I hope he's not a charlatan. My dad died recently and my mom takes comfort from his messages. The gospel of Thomas written out of the Bible says you should never seek answers in other mortals. Or you end up handing your cash to fake cunts like this dude, I suppose. Keep talking but Joel is enjoying his life. If i had the kind of money they do i would have a book job, hair transplant lip jobbotox name it, think guys think guys.

R Fine, but is it so difficult to accept he is uneducated in theology and his teaching opens many serious questions. Like him, but listen with a critical ear. They had a son named Justin. The mother later committed suicide, leaving John all alone with Justin, who blamed his father for her intentionally leaving this life. Justin was born gay, by the way. I met him and spent time with him, and have been to his house, and met his close personal friends.

When John remarried, to Dodie Joel's mothershe was a nice step mother, but Justin and his father never saw eye-to-eye ever again.

They paid Justin a trainload of money to stay away from Houston for decades. I find it interesting that he was supposedly born Jewish as Joel Orenstein of Brooklyn and became a Christian fundie pastor. No clue if it's true anyone know his story? He pings to me for sure. It's not really gay face he's got, it's more weak, dweeby, slimy, failed-male hetero face. This little creep enjoys straight games too much to do anything with men.

R24 and yes, He is a homosexual. However even if you are fucking him don't call him gay. Joel does not like labels. I recall seeing Joel at the tubs. He was having these gedeon bibles shoved up his ass trying to drive the devil out of his body. I thought this was a strange setting for an exorcism but it may have worked after all.

She asked the flight attendants to clean up the spill and when they did not respond quickly enough, Osteen became confrontational, according to documents filed in the civil case that goes to trial today.

Feb 01,   Joel Osteen is a well-known televangelist, preacher and best-selling author from Houston, Texas. With so many avenues of income, it's no wonder Joel Osteen house looks like a castle and Joel Osteen net worth?Author: Emma Farrow. Televangelist Joel Osteen shows off his heavenly physique on the beach. By Daily Mail Reporter Tammy Hembrow goes braless in a skintight nude dress as she and her lookalike sisters stun in a. Aug 30,   Joel Osteen started his weekly Sunday sermonetes with a clever joke, and then gave a very optimistic and uplifting talk. Complete opposite of the Hell, fire, and damnation style of standard preaching. Initially sounded very good for anyone suffering from an illness or in pain, and he always appeared quite gentlemanly.

Well, he's certainly got the teeth for it. Those fold back teeth of his are perfect for administering good blow jobs. The style isn't dated - since it was never on trend in the first place.

You'd think that with stylists making them camera-ready, they would have also taken time to fix the hair.

The Joel Osteen gay rumors

In today's video, his eyebrows and forehead aren't moving. The poofy s hair doesn't flatter his facial bone structure. He looks like the love child of Barry Mainly and Clay Aiken. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

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Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! The Joel Osteen gay rumors Anyone know more to this? Cannot stand this guy, but I have to say that I'm shocked that he's almost 50 years old. Shirtless photos? I love the headline here I'm not shocked that he's almost 50 years old. He had very good work done, but then, he can afford it.

Who is he? I've never heard of him. It's not like he has to work hard at his job. He has time to hit the gym. Shaves his chest? Kind of dead on this site lately.

Maybe this video will divert you:. Change "health nut" to "gym queen," and I think the article would be more accurate. He's gay. Trick will come forward soon. Wait for it Never ever heard of this guy or seen him before.

And it's not like I live under a rock. I invented the word, sinners. When was Driscoll outted as being into the homosex?

He had himself anointed King of Israel the other day, you know. Well aren't you the most pleasant person at the party, R In a perfect world, he'd be caught in a "loving embrace" with Marcus Bachmann.

I miss Celebrity Caterer. Thanks a lot, troll-dar! Joel's wife looks mean. Maybe it's the eyebrows. Another photo of the lovely Victoria Osteen. Be afraid. Be very afraid! Victoria pings to high heavens too. She wears a lot of leather and seems like a diesel dyke. Apparently, Joel Osteen's wife likes to hit people! She sounds like a total fucking psycho.

He's got gayface from here to the airport.

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How do we know he shaves his chest? Maybe he is naturally hairless there.

remarkable, rather amusing

Joel looks naturally smooth, and luscious. Perfect for eating that hole! The homosexuals sin, but they can get to heaven. I live in HoustonJoel Osteen is not stupi but his followers are! Osteen is gayer than a tree full of rainbow lorikeets on Hugh Jackman's verandah. Ewwwww, pasty and dorky. THIS is hot? Do you even know what a diesel dyke IS? Please stop hating on joel he's not gay.

Sep 11,   Megachurch founder and preacher Joel Osteen is an inspiration to his many devout followers. But he has come under fire for controversies involving both his Author: Jessica Sager.

Wow, R That's hysterical. She looks like a crazy bitch! Osteen is so gay toddlers can discern it. Osteen is determined to bring the vagina cape back into vogue. Sorry forgot to sign off - R69 is R I thought CC did something on JO a few years back.

Oh, great Never thought he is good looking. Harmless, but won't last for very long. Joel seems a little retarded.

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