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Janis Lyn Joplin January 19, - October 4, was an American singer-songwriter who sang rock , soul and blues music. One of the most successful and widely known rock stars of her era, she was known for her powerful mezzo-soprano vocals [1] and "electric" stage presence. In , Joplin rose to fame following an appearance at Monterey Pop Festival , where she was the lead singer of the then little-known San Francisco psychedelic rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company. She appeared at the Woodstock festival and the Festival Express train tour. Joplin died of an accidental heroin overdose in at the age of 27 , after releasing three albums. A fourth album, Pearl , was released in January , just over three months after her death.

During the sessions, Joplin continued a relationship with Seth Morgana year-old UC Berkeley student, cocaine dealer, and future novelist who had visited her new home in Larkspur in July and August. Morgan later told biographer Myra Friedman that, as a non-musician, he had felt excluded whenever he had visited Sunset Sound Recorders. She told her construction crew to design a carport to be shaped like a flying saucer, according to biographer Ellis Amburn, the concrete foundation for which was poured the day before she died.

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Peggy Caserta claimed in her book, Going Down With Janisthat she and Joplin had decided mutually in April to stay away from each other to avoid enabling each other's drug use. For approximately the first two weeks of Joplin's stay at the Landmark, she did not know Caserta was in Los Angeles. Later, while Friedman was working on her book Buried Aliveshe determined that the time frame of the Joplin-Caserta encounter was one week before Jimi Hendrix's death.

Within a few days, Joplin became a regular customer of the same heroin dealer who had been supplying Caserta. Grossman and Friedman knew during Joplin's lifetime that her friend Caserta, whom Friedman met during the New York sessions for Cheap Thrills [22] and on later occasions, used heroin.

When Joplin was not at Sunset Sound Recorders, she liked to drive her Porsche over the speed limit "on the winding part of Sunset Blvd. Lennon told Dick Cavett on-camera the following year that Joplin's recorded birthday wishes arrived at his home after her death.

The last recording Joplin completed was on October 1, -"Mercedes Benz". On Saturday, October 3, Joplin visited Sunset Sound Recorders [16] to listen to the instrumental track for Nick Gravenites 's song "Buried Alive in the Blues", which the band had recorded earlier that day. At some point on Saturday, she learned by telephone, to her dismay, that Seth Morgan had met other women at a Marin County, Californiarestaurant, invited them to her home, and was shooting pool with them using her pool table.

What impressed everyone that night when she arrived at the studio was the exceptional brightness of her spirits. Friedman believed the "secret" was marriage plans for Joplin and Morgan. In a version of Friedman's book that she wrote twenty years later, she said about the hotel's claim of a phone call to City Hall, "This may have been untrue. By the time they returned to the studio, it was jammed. Nick Gravenites was there. So was song writer Bobby Womack. Bennett Glotzer [Albert Grossman's partner in their New York-based talent management company] was around.

All in all, there were perhaps twenty to twenty-five people present. Janis did not sing that night, but merely listened to the instrumental track the band had completed that day. It was Nick's song, "Buried Alive in the Blues. Janis was exhilarated by the prospect of doing the vocal on Sunday, a light like a sunburst in her smile and eyes. Joplin and Ken Pearson later left the studio together and she drove him and a male fan in her Porsche [23] to the West Hollywood landmark called Barney's Beanery.

Friedman wrote, "At the bar, she drank vodka and orange juice, only two. Pearson was the second-to-last person to see her alive. He had met her several times but did not know her.

Joplin's significant relationships with men included ones with Peter de Blanc, [23] [30] [31] [32] [33] Country Joe McDonald who wrote the song "Janis" at Joplin's request[80] David George Niehaus, [16] [29] [33] [81] Kris Kristofferson[16] [23] and Seth Morgan from July until her death, at which time they were allegedly engaged.

She also had relationships with women. Whitaker broke off their relationship because of Joplin's hard drug use and sexual relationships with other people. Joplin also had an on-again-off-again romantic relationship with Peggy Caserta. Caserta was one of 15 people in the audience. Approximately a month after Caserta attended the concert, Joplin visited her boutique and said she could not afford to buy a pair of jeans that was for sale.

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The Woodstock movie includes 37 seconds of Joplin and Caserta walking together before they reached the tent where Joplin waited for her turn to perform.

By the time the festival took place in Augustboth women were intravenous heroin addicts. Caserta did not see nor communicate by phone with Joplin again, although she later claimed she had made several attempts to reach her by phone at the Landmark Motor Hotel and at Sunset Sound Recorders.

Caserta and Seth Morgan lost touch with each other, and each decided independently to abandon Joplin on Friday night, October 2.

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Biographer Myra Friedman commented in her original version of Buried Alive : [87]. Given the near-infinite potentials of infancy, it is really impossible to make generalizations about what lies behind sexual practices. This, however, is probable: to become clearly homosexual, to make the choice that one honestly prefers relations with one's own sex, no matter the origins of such preference, requires a certain integration, a stability of psychic development, a tidiness of personality organization.

The ridicule and the humiliation that took place at that most delicate period in [Joplin's] early teens, her own inability to surmount the obstacles to regular growth, devastated her a great deal more than most people comprehended. Janis was not heir to an ego so cohesive as to permit her an identity one way or the other.

She was, as [the psychiatric social worker she saw regularly in Beaumont, Texas in and ] Mr. That had as much to do with her original use of drugs [before she first met Giarritano] as did the critical component of guilt and its multiplicity of sources above and beyond the contribution made by her relationships with women. Were she so simple as the lesbians wished her to be or so free as her associates imagined!

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Kim France reported in The New York Times article, "Nothin' Left to Lose" May 2, : "Once she became famous, Joplin cursed like a truck driver, did not believe in wearing undergarments, was rarely seen without her bottle of Southern Comfort and delighted in playing the role of sexual predator.

Joplin sang with Full Tilt Boogie and appeared briefly onstage with Big Brother without singing, according to the next day's review in the San Diego Union.

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She had a conversation offstage with her old friend Richard Hundgen, the Grateful Dead 's San Francisco-based road manager whom she had known sincein which she said:. I hear a rumor that somebody in San Francisco is spreading stories that I'm a dyke.

You go back there and find out who it is and tell them that Janis says she's gotten it on with a couple of thousand cats in her life and a few hundred chicks and see what they can do with that! On Sunday afternoon, October 4,producer Paul Rothchild became concerned when Joplin failed to show up at Sunset Sound Recorders for a recording session in which she was scheduled to provide the vocal track for the instrumental track of the song "Buried Alive in the Blues".

He saw Joplin's psychedelically painted Porsche C Cabriolet in the parking lot. Upon entering Joplin's roomhe found her dead on the floor beside her bed. Alcohol was present in the room, but no drugs nor paraphernalia. According to biographer Myra Friedman, who researched the cause of death inwhen memories of people at the Los Angeles County coroner 's office were fresh and all official documents still existed:.

Alcohol was also present in the blood, and her liver showed the effects of long-term heavy drinking. Additional tests for barbituratesphenothiazineamphetaminesLibriumValiumNoludarmeprobamatemethadoneSomaQuaalude and codeine were negative. Much mystery surrounded the fact that Janis had not died immediately. Some people insisted that a heroin overdose could not have happened as it did. The Medical Examiner 's Office of New York County [where Friedman lived] informs me that while it is more common for an OD to occur instantly after an injection, a delay until the moment of death is not so strikingly unusual.

Clarifying this further, the Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs states that the term "overdose" is most frequently erroneous. The report cites information that those sudden deaths following an injection of heroin are actually the result of an adulteration of the product with various substances or of other mysterious factors: what is called a " synergistic reaction " to a combination of drugs, for example, or of other toxic factors.

Death from what is literally an overdose of heroin itself is, in fact, usually slow. Peggy Caserta, Joplin's close friend, and Seth MorganJoplin's fiance, both had failed to meet Joplin the Friday immediately prior to her death, October 2, and Joplin had been expecting both of them to keep her company that night. Joplin's death in October at age 27 stunned her fans and shocked the music world, especially when coupled with the death just 16 days earlier of another rock icon, Jimi Hendrixalso at age This would later cause some people to attribute significance to the death of musicians at the age of 27, as celebrated in the notional ' 27 Club '.

Music historian Tom Moon wrote that Joplin had "a devastatingly original voice", music columnist Jon Pareles of The New York Times wrote that Joplin as an artist was "overpowering and deeply vulnerable", and author Megan Terry said that Joplin was the female version of Elvis Presley in her ability to captivate an audience.

At the same time, Peggy Caserta's memoir, Going Down With Janis[99] attracted a lot of attention, with its provocative title referring to her performing oral sex with Joplin while they were high on heroin, in September The very first sentence in the book goes into more detail about that particular encounter. According to a statement in the early s by a close friend of Caserta and Joplin's, Caserta's book angered the Los Angeles heroin dealer she described in detail, including the make and model of his car, for her book.

According to Ellis Amburn, in a "carful of dope dealers" visited a Los Angeles lesbian bar Caserta had been frequenting since Joplin was alive.

He couldn't find her, so he went for her lover. When they realized who I was, they felt that my death would also hit Peggy, and so they stabbed me. According to biographers, Caserta was one of many friends of Joplin's who did not become clean and sober until a very long time after the singer's death, while others died from overdoses. Joplin, along with Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplaneopened opportunities in the rock music business for future female singers.

Joplin's body artwith a wristlet and a small heart on her left breast, by the San Francisco tattoo artist Lyle Tuttlewas an early moment in the popular culture's acceptance of tattoos as art. Pollar frequented Limbo on St. Mark's Place. Joplin, well known to the boutique's employees, made a practice of putting aside vintage and other one-of-a-kind garments she favored on stage and off. Likewise, Leonard Cohen 's song, " Chelsea Hotel 2 "is about Joplin, and lyricist Robert Hunter has commented that Jerry Garcia 's "Birdsong" from his first solo album, Garciais about Joplin and the end of her suffering through death.

At the Montreux Jazz FestivalNina Simonewhom Joplin admired greatly, commented on Joplin and referred to the documentary Janis that evidently was screened at the festival:. You know I made thirty-five albums, they bootlegged seventy.

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Oh, everybody took a chunk of me. And yesterday I went to see Janis Joplin's film here.

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And what distressed me the most, and I started to write a song about it, but I decided you weren't worthy. Because I figured that most of you are here for the festival. Anyway the point is it pained me to see how hard she worked. Because she got hooked into a thing, and it wasn't on drugs. She got hooked into a feeling and she played to corpses. The film The Rose is loosely based on Joplin's life.

Girls from the festival Woodstock in 1969 make it clear where it came from fashion of the day

Originally planned to be titled Pearl -Joplin's nickname and the title of her last album-the film was fictionalized after her family declined to allow the producers the rights to her story. Inon what would have been Joplin's 45th birthday, the Janis Joplin Memorial, with an original gold, multi-image sculpture of Joplin by Douglas Clarkwas dedicated during a ceremony in Port Arthur, Texas. Inthe first major biography of Joplin in two decades, Love, Janisauthored by her younger sister, Laura Joplin, was published.

In an interview, Laura stated that Joplin enjoyed being on the Dick Cavett Showthat Joplin while growing up in Texas had difficulties with some people at school, but not the entire school, and that Joplin was really enthusiastic after performing at Woodstock in Inshe received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Opening in the summer of and scheduled for only a few weeks of performances, the show won acclaim, packed houses, and was held over several times.

In it, Joplin puts on a concert for the audience, while telling stories of her past inspirations including OdettaAretha Franklinand others. It went on tour in On November 4,Joplin was awarded with the 2,th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to the music industry. Her star is located at Hollywood Boulevard, in front of Musicians Institute.

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On August 8,the U. On December 15,Amy J. Joplin had a profound influence on many singers. For example, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine spoke of Joplin's impact, in an interview for Why Music Matters that appeared in a commercial against piracy:.

I learnt about Janis from an anthology of female blues singers. Janis was a fascinating character who bridged the gap between psychedelic blues and soul scenes. She was so vulnerable, self-conscious and full of suffering.

She tore herself apart yet on stage she was totally different. She was so unrestrained, so free, so raw and she wasn't afraid to wail.

Janis Joplin

Her connection with the audience was really important. It seems to me the suffering and intensity of her performance go hand in hand. There was always a sense of longing, of searching for something.

I think she really sums up the idea that soul is about putting your pain into something beautiful. Stevie Nicks considers Joplin one of her idols, and has said:. You could say that being yelled at by Janis Joplin was one of the great honors of my life. Early in my career, Lindsey Buckingham and I were in a band called Fritz.

There were two gigs we played in San Francisco that changed everything for me - One was opening up for Jimi Hendrix, who was completely magical. The other was the time that we opened up for Janis at the San Jose Fairgrounds, around It was a hot summer day, and things didn't start off well because the entire show was running late.

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That meant our set was running over. We were onstage and going over pretty well, when I turned and saw a furious Janis Joplin on the side of the stage, yelling at us. She was screaming something like, "What the fuck are you assholes doing? Get the hell off of my stage. But then Janis got up on that stage with her band, and this woman who was screaming at me only moments before suddenly became my new hero. Janis Joplin was not what anyone would call a great beauty, but she became beautiful because she made such a powerful and deep emotional connection with the audience.

I didn't mind the feathers and the bell-bottom pants either. Janis didn't dress like anyone else, and she definitely didn't sing like anyone else. Janis put herself out there completely, and her voice was not only strong and soulful, it was painfully and beautifully real. She really gave you a piece of her heart. And that inspired me to find my own voice and my own style. Pink said about Joplin: "She was so inspiring by singing blues music when it wasn't culturally acceptable for white women, and she wore her heart on her sleeve.

She was so witty and charming and intelligent, but she also battled an ugly-duckling syndrome. I would love to play her in a movie. Janis Joplin recorded four albums in her four-year career. Some of Joplin's live concerts with Big Brother were professionally recorded and have been released on albums like Live at Winterland '68 and Live at the Carousel Ballroom From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American singer and songwriter. Port Arthur, TexasU. Los AngelesCalifornia, U. Psychedelic rock soul blues blues rock. Vocals guitar. Further information: Big Brother and the Holding Company.

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De que hablamos cuando hablamos de musica.

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September 30, Why Music Matters. At one point, Renee Zellweger and Brittany Murphy were attached to projects on Joplin, while directors Fernando Meirelles and Catherine Hardwicke have been on board to oversee past Joplin films that never made it to completion. This part is a dream role for the right actress. The make up people have their work cut out for them to make Amy look like Janis!

She received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in. For a concert. August 12, Only ten thousand lucky fans were to be allowed in. They kept coming, coming, over the walls of the stadium.

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Janis Joplin cowered in the trailer set up for her on the stadium grounds. This was to be her last concert.

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