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Often referred to as One Stop Entertainments , a lot of these venues have more to offer than just short time with the girls: Almost all of the big and renowned places have a spa area, means you can take a swim, relax and even go to the sauna or steam room before heading up to the 2nd floor where all the girls are. You can have some drinks here and even order food, and they also got sexy dance shows every night from 8pm. Busty girls will walk around and ask you to buy them a shot for 50k so you can put your face between her boobs. They cost k or k including body to body massage. They only charge k for one girl 1 shot, means you can have sex once or k for two girls 2 shots, means you can have sex twice. When you walk into the main room, one of the five mamasans will try to get your attention each of them takes care of a different group of ladies. They have live music here every night from 9pm, which is terribly loud though in my opinion.

Prices reasonable, and not necessary to buy drinks. Would go back again. In front of Classic stalls selling Viagra and Cialis of very dubious quality and origin. I am white European, and was well received everywhere and without unnecessary special attention which can be bothering in Thailand or in Bali. IN clubs that is obviously a plus, but needs to be justified with spending and similar. For living I am not so sure, the infrastructure is totally inferior to Bangkok or even Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

It is difficult to understand for a capital city, especially for a beautiful country which not poor in terms of GDP. Has the nude dancing started in places like classic and Malio or still not happening? It's still happening in a few places Tease Club has topless dancers I am thinking it is time to revisit Indonesia.

I remember Today Country with fondness I read X2 is closed Thanks for the info, I didn't know about that They are closing for renovation and will reopen under a new name SinceX2 has been the first and foremost clubbing destination in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are going to come back with a new concept and a new name, soooo Don't be sad! We are going to miss each other but it's time to move on and make a new leap forward! I'm planning to drink alone. What's the best bar for a single woman who wants to drink alone? I have got a reasonably good bar :. There are none where you can buy weed.

It's very unsafe to buy it in Jakarta. If you are here on a short holiday, just abstain for a while. X2 was good, but still no news about the reopening. Jenja also has one or two dedicated nights every week. WeChat full of prostitutes and ladyboys I recommend using IndonesianCupid instead. They have closed it down few months ago so i need new dancing club where i can drink and have fun with girls. Are you sure Golden Crown is closed?

I went there in November and the lounge was still open. Try the bars in Kota Indah. Since Jan Immigrant is closed forever. Also Cloud is closed for months for refurb. I guess it depends on the day of the week, but you can get one night in Oakwood on Agoda for about USD. It is indeed a rip-off considering you can get a 3-bedroom in District 8 for the same price. Yes for one night it's ok but for one month 42jt is a total rip off and they don't do deals because they are always full of Jap and Korean clients.

I am going to Bangkok from Yogya via Jakarta.

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Have a 6 hour wait between flights late in the night midnight to am. Any massage plus plus that are open so late at night? Any other fun place or am i better off spending the time in airport? It all depends how fast you can exit the airport and grab a taxi.

At 00h30, it's still worth it as you won't have much traffic. The spa in Orchardz Hotel Bandara might still be open. It's 10 minutes from the airport. Check Hotel ColosseumMalioboro or Classic. If your flight is next month, it will be ramadan so just stay in the airport.

I will be there on a Wednesday this month.

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Will try Orchardz first, if closed, will move to N. Hey, a veteran Indo hooker in Hong Kong just told me that she has it on good authority that Alexis spa will soon be operating like it used to. She's aged enough to have experience here, but she could just be talking out of school. What do you think? I heard that it would reopen in Lokasari under a different name Not sure about these rumours What is for sure is that the girls who were working in Alexis are now working in and Emporium I am going to Jakarta in 2 weeks.

Staying in South Jakarta.

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Where would you recommend going for a good time. Hi bros, i wanna bring my girlfriend to a kinky club where we may see others making out and maybe have enough privacy to make out as well, any club to recommend pls? Also if any recommendation for a small van rental with privacy at night?

Hey guys, is there any Spa, Karaoke, bar provide a foreigner girl in Jakarta?

The 5 best sex clubs in Jakarta

Hey bros, I will be staying in westin Jakarta. Any recommendations around that area that I can explore? It's very central. They have a rooftop bar called Henshin, and u can go almost walking distance to Bluegrass.

In 10 minutes by car, you can check Basque and Loewy. Hi guys, i'm arriving on Jakarta on wed and will stay till6 nights.

The best party guide to jakarta nightlife: All the bars, clubs, restaurants, karaokes, spas, massage parlors and things to do at night for expats. Jakartabars Nightlife Reviews Yes, even in self-righteous Indonesia you will find more strip clubs and sexy dancers than in most other Asian countries. Sure Bangkok has its fair share of gogo bars, but women there rarely go full nude in public. In Jakarta, you have dozens of places with daily naked shows for .

I'm planning to visit clubs at probably every night, and play a bit of Tinder. As i catch here on blog, wed is best ladies night in city, and def great night to go party. What would be perfect scenario, for this 6 nights, clubbing where about? Anyone with 5 minute of spare time and experienced in Jakarta night life, please shoot some suggestions. Thanks in advance. My suggestions: 1 Stay near Mega Kuningan area.

It's my number one choice. Alcohol is very pricey in Indonesia so girls love to be invited.

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If you don't have too much money, go to McGettigan's on wednesdays as they have free drinks for girls. Guys, what about dress code?

Jeans and shoes are must, i believe, i don't plan go clubbing in shorts with sneakers or flip flops, but what worries me is shirt vs t-shirt. Is there places where they refuse you entrance with regular t-shirt?

T-shirt will be ok in most venues, but it may be refused in Dragonfly or Blowfish. Got there about The first thing I noticed when I entered was the 5 sexy topless dancers, shaking their booties on the bar. I was shown to a table to the side of the main bar where there was about 25 nicely dressed girls all sitting at tables nearby. I was just trying to workout if they were girls on a night out or freelancers, when suddenly the mamasan approached me and asked me if I wanted a girl pointing to the 25 girls I had just been looking at.

I declined her kind offer as I knew having a girl sit with me would mean I would have to buy her drinks all nighta pop. So I continued to enjoy watching the topless girls on stage.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars In Jakarta

They walked off after a while and a live band then set up on the bar it's a very long and wide bar After they finished their set, the 25 hookers who were sitting nearby then started taking it in turns, in groups of 6, to get up on the bar and dance about, fully clothed, albeit sexily dressed. Suddenly, I was approached by a drop dead gorgeous young 19 year old "coyote girl" who asked if i would buy her a drink.

I was happy to do it I asked her if I could have sex with her and she said yes I asked one of the staff if I could set that up and next thing I know, the price was 1, for the girl plusfor the room plusfor something else i think he said "tips". It all became way too expensive so I bailed on the whole idea, including even buying her a drink! She then asked if I could just shove some money in her cleavage. I declined and she moved along to the next prospect. There are a number of rooms with locked doors, both downstairs and upstairs.

The staff told me they were for "karaoke". I guess that's where I would have been led if I had agreed to pay the 2, for sex with the young hotty. All in all it was an interesting and entertaining evening.

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I would probably go back again. However there are cheaper options for having sex with attractive young women in Jakarta. As it was, I left there and went down to Blok M and found something to my liking for a fraction of the cost they wanted to slug me at Club Club 36, the bar of the Jayakarta hotel is a small club, with house music and RnB, one of the most popular and the best in its type in Kota.

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It has gogo dancers that go topless Thai and Chinese and they go completely naked occasionally. Club 36 is very crowded with the Chinese community. It's a good place to go even during the week because you will never be alone there. You can do karaoke also 36 rooms with one of the dancers or other "companions". Pretty cool place, and it's open late as well 5AM so it's nice to stop by when coming from South Jakarta, before starting hardcore Kota clubbing!

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After my first visit to Jakarta /4 days/, first comments - it is a great city, diverse and dynamic. Traffic is worst of the worst, and the pedestrians national enemies. Nightlife - depends. Wednesday was not that great, and not that many ladies. Clubs in the north part /Colloseum, Golden Crown too dark, too noisy and too many guys around/. Jakarta Sex Clubs vs Girly Bars. The sex clubs may offer a great value, but they are more like a good place for some "quick relief" and not really something nice to remember: You barely speak to the girls and it will all be over in less than one hour. Mar 02,   I've already told you about Jakarta's sex I'm going to give you my list of the five best sex clubs in the country. This is based on my opinion as a foreigner who has never spent more than a month in the country straight and doesn't speak a lick of Bahasa Indonesia.

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Jakarta nude bar

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There isn't much you'd find in the striptease scene because nude dancing has been temporarily ceased in Jakarta since That said, what you'd find will be girls dancing in sexy lingerie but with the option of a private dance in a bedroom upstairs. Malio Club  is one of the best places to enjoy a striptease in Jakarta. 10 Best Spa Massages in Jakarta (Sex Clubs) Are you looking for the best Spa massages and sex clubs in Jakarta? Jakarta is a well-known city for its various attractions and if relaxation is your priority when visiting the city then you should definitely give their Spa Massage Jakarta a visit which is actually numerous all over the city. By The Jakarta Team > Club 36, the bar of the Jayakarta hotel is a small club, with house music and RnB, one of the most popular and the best in its type in Kota. It has gogo dancers that go topless (Thai and Chinese) and they go completely naked occasionally. Club 36 .

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Anonymous September 4, at AM. Anonymous September 9, at AM. Anonymous September 22, at AM. Better come before that, and they also have nice pool tables in the back. Like all other parlors on this list, the Emporium Hotel is located in North Jakarta.

Their girls are divided into 2 categories depending on their age and attractiveness: 1,k and 1,k. The price includes the usage of the spa area. There are mostly local and rich Indonesian men visiting Emporium, while most of the Bules white men are preferring Hotel Travel and Classic Hotel. He will tell you the different types and prices of girls and you can also ask him some questions e.

You will take a shower with the girl before and after the sex.

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