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You have to know that subtlety runs the risk of boring the audience, and work in mysteries, secrets, tension, suspense, dramatic irony in order to keep their attention.

When one or two people say something, you can shrug it off as a difference in opinion. Exactly, and so much of subtle depends on acting, directing, and editing as well. Sometimes as writers you have to beat people over the head a bit to get a point across. Point taken, Carson. I clearly need to work out how to do this. Ange, there were many many things that ruined Elysium Makes my skin crawl. I knew it was fucked when he bent down to tell the girl the bullshit elephant or giraffe story when he was pressed for time.

Then they call back to it at the end. The Rule of 5!

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I think that should join the ranks of G. For scripts, it seems to me the subtlety has to be done as subtlety or subtlety. Subtlety in a script should be like face makeup for the stage. Be sure it works for people way back from the stage, even at the risk of it looking a bit strong to those down front.

Thank you, Nicholas.


Great film to study. Sure, but it might work! It details the lives of a group of volunteer nurses serving at a field hospital in France during the first year of WW1.

It is littered with intrigue, drama and everyone has secrets which will have consequences if revealed. There is one nurse in particular whose personal secret is of such notoriety that its revelation could bring punishment worse than incarceration.

In any event, the show is a straight-forward drama loosely based on real characters, but liberties are taken for the best reasons of drama. Best of luck with this script!

Unfair, I know. I live in Australia but we often get BBC series here. Thank you for that tip, and for your kind thoughts! My pleasure, Ange! I think the basis for your story is wonderful,honestly. Having said that, I would also say that there is no such thing as a bad story; I do think,however, there is the legitimate question as to the story being told via the best means,or the best execution.

Having read your script, I can honestly say there is no doubt, whatsoever, as to your passion, your expertise and your desire to tell said tale -which, again, is an important piece of our shared history that should be told. But, you are up against a tough nut,so to speak,in that you are offering up a period piece; which is immediately going to be judged in terms of cost and return on investment.

The folks here at scriptshadow,myself included,want you to succeed - and I think it would benefit you to seriously consider their notes and ideas as a means to proceed with a re-work of this lovely script.

I get it, truly. But, it is near impossible to break into the modern studio system as an avant-garde unless you have the means to put this together and produce it yourself in terms of how the script presents itself. In any case, I look forward to what you do with this project and what you create in the future. Best of luck! Thanks again. Hey N J, good post about too subtle. You get to see how well you told your story and showcased your characters.

I think this will be of great help to Ange when she goes back to work on it. I admire her hard work on a story that deserves to be told. Dear Hollywood, please, please, please, please, please cast Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchapolous as the leads in this film. Thank you. Signed, Everyone. Lol, you are funny. I just watched Blue. I liked a lot of it, but what about the ending. Based on its first go around in AOW my initial thoughts on just learning the elements of this concept were: Well this has all kinds of potential to be a fantastic, unique movie.

With Titanic, we certainly know. Plus, the way that relationship started was based on class separation and secret keeping. It starts immediately with conflict, tension, secrets, and taking the peasant out of his world and putting him in hers. And to me, none of that really felt forced. There may not have been policies in place forbidding this relationship, but there certainly was social protocol. In the case of your story, it sounds like there is both. So did you truly maximize both? So you may not want more airplanes and you may not want them closer to the fight.

Have this relationship mimic the volatility of the war. When things rise in the war-background, have them doing the same with this relationship. Have the waves of this stuff increase and recede. Also, put the story in a place where you could have the Germans advancing on their position. More troops showing up. Both injured from the line and others in reinforcements. Make the world around them building to something extreme. For example, perhaps a superior male officer learns of this relationship.

And now he is wanting to extort some favors from them. The surgeon chick consents. Trying to save their relationship, her job, and the 18 year old. Just make it known that is what he wants and make it known that he gets. Then that event has influences on their relationship. The threat of this is enough to dictate some of their decisions. They are there, you just have to find them.

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They could exist for a number of other reasons. They are in WWII. Thanks for this, Mike. You reply deserves a more thorough response, but I gotta go cook. Hopefully I can get back to you. No worries, Ange. The more I read through the comments the more I realized how far off base I was when I made them. But like I said, the whole intent of even posting was to hopefully spark some ideas.

Which I think are the greatest to have. It just sounds like it needs a way to be delivered with more effective impact. I will send you some thoughts when I get a chance. Men bad. Women good. They deserve names. Male or female. Never occurred to me that Ange was making these character name choices based on sexism of any kind. Silly criticism, really. Brilliant comment Kirk. Thank you for solidifying the notion that even smart people can say dumb ass things.

Naming characters is now a topic of debate? My Honours supervisor was a man, and my Ph. Thanks for that, Link. Sorry for my tardy response. Extras are usually referred to by occupation and not name, lest the reader get bogged down by too many characters, as happened in your Lochmess Monster script. The basics are always emphasized as being structure, and that seems to be where everyone starts.

IMO it should be the other way around. We should start with how to create drama. Structure is easy. Fitting drama into structure is hard. Building character and drama is probably the most difficult. Knowing how to do it, and how it plays out. Along with understanding how Irony works, and implementing it as well. All encompassing. I in no way said or insinuated it was some silly cast off thing.

But getting people interested in your characters, having it be dramatic in a deep and profound way is a difficult thing as well. You may be right, that it is all based in Structure. However there are a million ways to look at it. It also is all about character, about story, about idea, about all the rest. Everything is important. Good point. Structure is there to help build drama.

opinion. Your

And there are many types of structure that can achieve that end. If the writer did not achieve a dramatic reaction in the reader, then the reader should rightly try to identify the problem with some structural analysis. But only as a means of trying to help the story become more dramatic and moving. Structure is the servant not the master. A very tame and quality post, Jake. I thought you had some good points last week as well. Sometimes it would just be easier if we could all do a web seminar lol.

Thank you, Jake, for wishing me best of luck. I bring it up for a couple of reasons:. I think this is an admirably practical perspective on your part. If you can get the script into that range without feeling creatively stifled, I say do it, and a huge step in that direction would be to narrow down your locations. Personally, I mostly agree with that devastating Brit consultant of yours - one flying scene is just about all you need. The audience feels very much set adrift at this point in the story, with the budding romance as the only forward momentum.

It can be a wonderful thing to have no idea where a story is going next, but not at the expense of drama. Could you imagine a version where the romance starts to fully blossom while Jenny is still in recovery?

Once more into the breach, and all that. Good luck with it. Mules, sorry for my slow response time. No such luck. Not surprisingly, the discussion has churned up more than a bit of latent and sometimes blatant misogyny and homophobia. The life of a screenwriter is chock full of grin-and-bear-it moments, and women tend to get the worst of that. Just be honest with yourself and remember your priorities.

Big thumbs up. Catch ya tomorrow probably! I have heard the term some where at some point, I believe in a movie. But I would bet many people recognize the term overall.

I loved that word. It had about a hundred meanings to me, it could be used for just about anything. It was plain wicked. Thanks, Cr. Pretty much six months full-time and follow-up stuff as required after that. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what the hell I was talking about. Congrats to Ange for the review.

The script shows a ton of hard work and dedication, not to mention research. I only read part of the older version and now a few pages of the new version, never got a chance to read more and vote last week. I think yesterdays article can help Ange a lot here. I am not afraid of all the black type on the first few pages.

A story like this needs visuals. After the first three pages I felt like I could fly a plane, but I was exhausted. What can I see? Deadly steel filaments connect balloons to lorries. White dots on the grass resolve to seagulls. JakeMLB made an interesting post yesterday about the order of visuals.

Whatever makes it over the transom

What we should see and what would naturally come first. Movies focus on the subject either gradually, instantaneously, or simultaneously. I think that subject here would work better either first, or last. The subject seems split. On either side of the river? Where is the railway line in relation to the paddocks? Here the sound should be together in the sentence: A faint roar, breaks the silence. The pitch of an engine, rises louder. Break the silence?

In the second paragraph the subject is split FOUR ways, aircraft approach. An aerial conga line of biplanes, six new royal Air Force raf Tiger Moth trainers, in yellow livery.

For now, in this moment, in this split second, stick with one subject Aircraft, biplanes, six new royal air force RAF, or Tiger mouth trainers. The word flying seems to be missing literally and figuratively.

Leave the details, the reveal for when they land, when we can see it. Is she really going to be wearing lipstick at this moment? Thanks, Eddie, and sorry for the slow reply. It can also be a colloquial term for a rugby field in NZ, as well.

Want to say congratulations to Ange, way to go getting two Carson and AmFri spots and coverage. That is pretty unheard of. Best of luck on your writing future and your journey. Thank you, Midnight Luck. I know how incredibly rare that is. It got much, much better after the first AOW outing.

Yeah, this is my go to solution if all else fails. Just that my flash would be longer than 4 lines, so not sure quick flash is appropriate. Hmmm, Calling out straight here as a hallucination is not a bad idea. Just weary about using that mini-slug, never seen anybody do. Thanks again! His response? You are all writers.

think, that

Be creative. Come up with something that works best for your particular scene. For hallucinations in particular, The Big Lebowski dream sequence transitions are great and often use blackouts in some form. Like headlights obliterate the scene. You see it sometimes in movies with photographers flashbulbs popping. Is the hallucinating character in the scene just prior to the hallucination?

If so, using something in-scene as a trigger a la your headlights example is a perfect way to jolt both the and the reader into the hallucination. A girl driving in a jeep down a dark road, is on a collision course with the villain who is shooting at her. Headlights swell from around the bend, she brakes - too late. And realizes A patrol car is coming straight at her, and the villain.

Jackie gyad nude

They collide head-on, Whether the Villain has escaped in time is unknown, we are on the GIRL driving, freaking out, Headlights collide - airbags explode. Then back to scene - the aftermath. You only get a wide on the accident scene in the aftermath. Well said, I think that I have short enough, just that haullincation takes place in two settings. But in the end your right, no exact answer only working in out.

Thunder roars, crackle of lightning from an approaching storm as two people argue at a clothesline as one furiously takes down the sheets. If you do that, you may as well have her fly on a unicorn to Berlin and beat Hitler with the power of her song.

If you do that you may as well fly to Paris, join a commando group and machine gun Hitler to death. Oh, wait a minute. Nothing wrong with that. What happened to Primal? Is that getting pushed until next week? Or are we going with Black Autumn? Thanks, Craig! The odds of selling one as a newbie writer are, what, one in 1, in any given year? The Gods must really be smiling for that to happen. This is true. The lottery is pure chance.

Thanks for your feedback.

commit error. Let's

I appreciate it! Congrats on the AF read, Ange! Happy to read drafts any time. Cheers to you. Great article and great suggestions, Carson. You never were much help around here. Not since you got on disability and ruined our lives! MOM: - Oh shut up! Knock somebody up at 17 and have a clone version of you! Wow, weird Disqus moment here. See my reply to Liberal Skewer above. I put my protag in a tree and threw rocks at her. The script is going to have work much harder to make me care.

The attitudes and outlooks of the characters are modern American. Sorry if this sounds harsh. But I honestly think this is a case of an author getting TOO personally invested in her script, and failing to pay much attention to what an audience might want to see.

In my earlier drafts, I killed them both. It was in fact grendl who put the biggest doubts in my mind about the wisdom of that strategy when he pointed out that killing protags the audience likes tends to really piss them off. They would never go to see it anyway. They mostly stay home to get more thought-provoking fare on tv, but if you give them something to think about, they will turn out. She had a maths degree from Oxford and she was a triple-blue accomplished in three sports.

She was tall and athletic, an accomplished pilot with hundreds of hours in her logbook when she joined, but until July,the RAF regarded her as inferior. Incapable of handling an operational combat aircraft purely because of her gender. Or take Jackie Sourer, who was from South Africa. She also joined the ATA in She was 19 years old and also an accomplished pilot at that age.

None of the others could because the RAF boys were entitled to them. In fact, the ATA-girls eventually came from some 28 nations. The biggest movie-going audience is still the US, and its audiences tend to be parochial - they like to see other Americans up on screen.

I was trying to give TCF the best chance I could of making a profit if it ever gets made. The second is to do with liberal political values. For some, it was about money, or adventure. They went out to restaurants, and all of the pubs and nightclubs remained open. The rich fled to their country estates. I think it was 5 shillings. Sorry to have to point out the obvious, but this was a time in which for any author let alone a female one to have written anything which suggested something was seriously amiss in British society, he or she would have been pilloried far and wide as unpatriotic - possibly fascist-leaning, and later on, Communist-leaning.

The women writers you read from the s had their own agendas. The class system that had provided them with those privileges was under threat. They were hardly going to tear it apart for its inequities. In fact, the RAF was the service most open to new ideas. As for her looks, should I have made her ugly and unattractive? Would that appease you? Can lesbians not be attractive? I know several who are. But why am I bothering to debate this with you, Witwoud?

You yourself as good as excluded yourself from membership of that group. My previous comment may have seemed a little flip, and I apologize.

I hope you are weathering this well, and are all right. So if things get too tense, you can either re-enact one of the more frequently abused movie tropes submitted on AOW - hit your alarm clock, pop down a couple yellow, green, blue - or whatever color pills.

Or better yet, research for when I write my script about an amateur author whose script gets eviscerated in a public forum and she decides to take up something somewhat less controversial and with the promise of a better outcome, like Middle Eastern peace diplomacy. Where, in my post, do I remotely begin to say that lesbians are ugly?

Or imply it? Or mention lesbians at all? There are just a couple of points I will make.

personal messages

But yes, I am guessing at your motivations for writing this particular story, and I think this is a valid thing to do. Having finished your script last night, I still feel that it reads like a wish-fulfilling fantasy.

It was funny and sad and a story about a bunch of women who just rolled up their sleeves and got on with the job, despite bottom-pinching and occasional insults and sometimes even overt resentment.

One of them, Freydis Leaf Sharland, lost her brother and 7 male cousins. Others lost dear friends as well. If their friend died, they got two days off then back to work because there were aircraft to be delivered. Wamsay was trying to land a fighter with a throttle stuck fully open one day.

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At a great rate of knots, she shot all the way across the airfield, through the cow paddock next door and toward a wood. She tore the wings off on trees and finally came to a shuddering halt lodged between two more trees.

The rescue party found her calmly sitting up on the canopy smoking a cigarette with hardly a bruise or scratch on her. My grandmothers - the same generation as the ATA-girls - would be mortified. They bore their traumas and losses with grace and dignity.

The A will be based closely on the standard Amiga, but with a hall meg ol RAM. fewer expansion ports, and no numeric keypad. Suggestions that the keyboard could be dispensed with altogether - thus creating a console-like machine - seem to have been overturned in favour of more or less reproducing the performance of the original As The A, on the other hand, is expected to utilise the. The shocking picture above is of former first lady Jackie Kennedy slutting it up by showing off her ass just. watch jackie kennedy sun bathing nude!! - 6 pics at draytek-mx.com! nude pics of first lady jackie kennedy sunbathing nude!!.

Modesty and decency mattered to them. I deeply, deeply admire and respect them for their values. If that reads to you as a personal fantasy, then so be it.

Hey Ange. I agree with you, they were a fascinating bunch - rich, gutsy and mad as snakes, half of them. Having said which, what was the worst of this opposition? Stupid letters in Aeroplane magazine and lots of harrumphing and foot-dragging by the top brass, which was soon brushed aside by the diplomacy of Pauline Gower. Meanwhile the women got to continue their pre-war hobby of flying planes, while receiving enormous amounts of adulation and publicity, and having more fun than nearly anyone else did in I really think they deserved a bit more than that.

By the same token, the rest of your script love story aside is so narrowly focused upon its themes of sexism and intolerance, that it lacks any real interest for me. Does she even have a single flaw?

I hope someone writes a script about the men. I completely agree they were a colourful, fascinating bunch. She had her share of narrow escapes and personal losses, too. That nobody bothered to tell her her fiance had been killed in action was appallingly insensitive. He worked for the ATA. Or you can duck over to Maidenhead to the museum. Getting hit over the head with it in a movie takes half the fun out of it: this is John.

He suffers from OCD. Or whatever. Again: These are comedies written by pros. A reader who opens the script knows that this writer is a successful pro with comedy. And yet, even these pros writers, presumably, have had problems with pro readers not seeing the jokes on the page. If pro readers miss the jokes of pro writers, on the page, then it seems unreasonable to expect things to work for us if we have subtlety in our dramas and present that subtlety subtly on the page.

Subtlety in a script should be like makeup for the stage. Yeh, that makes me laugh, too. Just, if I think of them that way - as poor, poor idiots - it helps me do what I have to do.

When, of course, it may well be that they are smart, while I am the idiot. Not a single person. The Tom Hanks comment is just, well, lacking in merit. One Armed Pilot is a minor one off. Neither does the reader. Trying to re-write history, or god forbid, force her LGBT agenda on her audience.

Her script happens to center on female characters. Get over it or grow up. Yeah yeah, we know, you have a reputation to protect. Must say at least one provocative things a day. Ho hum. Got anything useful to say about The Cloud Factory? Or are you too busy being offended by the One-Armed Pilot? What, you see the word agenda and you jump to that conclusion? Not very good reading on your part.

She has a problem with men. Because your argument holds no water. What are your thoughts there. He could have been called Scout. Seems weird. I care when someone makes screenwriting errors. I saw this as an error. If you like your main character too much, you run the risk of avoiding conflict. The early flying scenes set up an expectation in the audience that the story is going to be about pilots and war. Then everything flattens out and becomes quite static lots of talky interior sceneswith the war forming merely a backdrop.

The novelty about women pilots is established early on, but then you keep reinforcing the point. Yeah, we get it. No need to re-state the obvious, which gives it a preachy and earnest tone. You can film someone building a plane, flying a plane, having a dogfight in a plane, crashing a plane, landing a plane in an exotic location, and so on.

But designing a plane is static, passive and conceptual. See the problem? Find a way of giving your protagonist a pursuit which is filmable and in some way dramatic. No offence, but some of the dialogue is on-the-nose, flaccid or cumbersome. No need to tell us what we are seeing or have just seen. An actor is going to have difficulty keeping a straight face delivering those lines.

Overall, I had trouble determining what sort of story this is. Is it a love story set in a war, or a war story with a romantic subplot? Is it a tirade against prejudice, both military and moral, or is it about thwarted dreams? Thank you, Jim, for your constructive comments. My apolgies for my tardy response.

You make some excellent points. I always meant it to be a romantic drama, set against the backdrop of the war. Her sexuality is certainly a big part of her character arc, as is her almost-fatal flaw - her insecurity about whether she belongs in this elite group of pilots.

A few people have mentioned some terrific movies for me to see lately, but our local video rental place and entertainment stores are infuriatingly dominated by big studio fare and under-stocked with foreign language and independent material. Some of these activities that get dismissed as passive can be activated quite well if given the proper treatment. The soldiers who faced death were heroes. It would be nice to see them acknowledged too.

Pilots who gave their lives who were male. Its a question of poor world building. Works for me. There have been some great women in prison movies. In all sorts of scripts, main stream or otherwise, there should be a story driving the action along. There is a lot of material here that can be flushed into a story, luckily. The writer jut needs to keep in mind that asking your reader to come along for pages of hohum story is a lot to ask and will not get one very far. This website has some of the most patient readers, considering the fact that they are actively seeking scripts to read.

Be strict with yourself and listen, really listen to others. Congrats Ange - you do seem pretty defensive though. I understand the desire to defend your work, especially when people miss the point and come up with what seem outlandish suggestions. The conflict has to be structural, come from the situation - and not just that lesbians were generally frowned upon in wartime Britain.

In my opinion, you are doing a fine job here. I wish the writers who get AF slots would engage this much. Hell, I read more absurd criticisms than I do explanations from writers. Unless a writer has written the greatest script ever, then they will always be outnumbered on Amateur Friday. I already know you to be a smart, tough woman. Sorry for giving you that weak trash review earlier too. I just wanted to help so bad, I made shit up. Good post Link. If you try to please everybody, you please nobody.

I think there is a good and worthwhile story here, and i think she now has plenty of ammunition to improve it. Thanks, Kirk. The title alone is great. Sometimes making shit up is good. We make shit up, then we figure out how to make it smell better and present it appealingly, then we get people to admire it.

Granted, some dump it out there then run away and hide. Others like to giftwrap their doo-doo in newspaper, put it on the front porch, set fire to it, knock, run and giggle behind a while someone tries to stamp the flames out. That also seems a bit rude to me. I have the advantage of being older and pretty well-grounded so I can take a bit of heat, Link. The other stuff, well, it says more about those who write it and how bloody miserable their lives must be.

I made her exhausted, homesick and frustrated her with policies that meant she had to take a slow, smoke-filled train home rather than fly home. She landed safely. Plus, as a consequence of the bird strike, rather than just refuel and go, they have to hang around so Irene the only out lesbian on the base can hit on Jenny, raising the issue of her sexuality. In those days, the upper class were always the officers. Regular occurrence with those old engines.

Intoxicated, Jenny has to switch the engine off, but carbon monoxide blurs your vision and causes confusion, headache, nausea, unconsciousness, coma, death.

Numerous broken bones, a collapsed lung and her jaws wired shut for a month. Which is the inciting incident to get her together with Allison. Number 1 - exhaustion, homesickness and frustration are all emotions we can empathise with. Again, an audience will be able to empathise. Number 6 - once Jenny gets to think about things before her ship sails from Liverpool, she spends a night in the shelter.

She turns up at the dock, and sees an older brother poking his younger brother. The little one lashes out and gets busted, told off. This resonates for Jenny. Nobody knows her side of the story, and nobody will unless she tells it. She chooses to fight and go back to face the press and her colleagues, to tell her side of the story.

To fight for Allison. The truth will set her free, and completes her character arc to accepting who she is and that she loves Allison. She never gets on the ship. Jenny and Allison read about it in the paper. When Jenny faces the press, she tells that story as it puts what happened to her in perspective.

This, too, will pass. Apparently this is not sufficiently dramatic. Others beg to differ. It sounds like the novels my grandma reads aside from maybe the gay angle. She absolutely loves this kind of stuff. When people talk about going hard on your protagonist, they usually mean placing obstacles in the way of the protagonist, and if not an obstacle by way of some high stake situation e.

You can only have so many scenes that show the protagonist being humiliated or angered for the sake of creating empathy. Frankly, a lot of your story beats sound so subtle as to be almost invisible to an audience. Take for instance:. You think the audience will interpret this as her big fight or flight moment?

It seems you have a clear narrative throughline in your head, but when that throughline passes through one invisible story beat after another, the story is going to feel incredibly tame to an audience. The reason I say this would work better as a novel is because you can make these nigh invisible story beats visible through internal monologue.

You can write whatever you want. I can get on board with female protagonists. Even though writing is about specifics, putting us in a certain place and time. You see how giving a mechanic a name like say Mike, might just make it seem a little more real?

Cop 2 is fine, but a mechanic of an aircraft is crucial. Hey, Mike this things a flying deathtrap! Something to paint in our minds a relationship between them.

People who team up together call each other by their names. But people in wartime do engage each other on a human level. And not just their own sex, and not just flirtatiously, or ogling. Conversation, joking around, commiseration. What if the mechanic Mike was kind of an asshole and made an Amelia Earhardt comment. That would probably get her blood boiling suggesting the most famous female aviator got lost. It probably pisses a lot of women off for me to even write it here. Mike the Mechanic said it, not me.

Create as asshole character, a Bluto making fun of your Jenny.

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You have to manipulate the audience, to get them on her side by making her seem the underdog. You have to show alienation right off the bat.

Starting with an air incident. We love fights and conflict as an audience. Get us riled up. Just her side. Not all of theirs. I mean there may very well be a movie here, as a female pilot would seem like a good underdog, but you have to get the audience onboard with her plight.

Or something similar. Men and women can connect with protagonists of either sex. But you have to show something we can agree on, common ground, like injustice and bullying. Sorry to point out the obvious, but I did get you riled up. For all the wrong reasons. But there is certainly one character that I gave a bigger role to after the first AOW and he should definitely have a proper name because he turns up at the Accident Committee hearing.

Please see my response that tells the story of my grandad, who served in WW2 as that explains things in some detail. I do have a problem with vitriol. Take the points, and move on. You are defending the screenplay on a historical basis, not a theatrical one I think that is where the major disconnect is. Thanks, Matt. No need to dignify some of these posts with responses.

So look Joe Your name is Joe right? Fat, middle-aged, depressed? Ring a bell buddy?

opinion you are

Calling people names. Go with the full pill. Sober up. Oh and you glossed over the naming minor characters like Lovitz question Kirk Diggler.

No one in their right mind would spend a nickel on this. If anyone was in the universe of making this movie it would be Vachon at Killer.

However, I would imagine she would scold you for writing it. And the lack of respect and morality for WW2 will burn more bridges than it would build. This is not the attention you want. You might get specialty theaters like Castro to run it, maybe. Most homosexuals are on a gay marriage crusade right now, and they hate guns. They hate war, especially since gays were not allowed in the military during WW2.

And thank god for that. The subject and sensibility is crass. And shows a severe disregard for common sense. Not to mention, half the audience would want your head on a platter for denigrating such an important event in history. You disagree? How about your ROI forecasts? How do they look? They only buy what the audience wants to see. Or they try. Do you plan to shoot the entire movie in the cockpit and in airport hotel rooms?

Write a good story that happens to have a gay character. If anything, this film would out on a bounty on everyone involved. And to conspire to make that an international success story? Jesus, the nerve of these gaystapo lesbianazi filmmakers and their pinkshirt brigade audience. First, gay cowboys and now lesbian WWII pilots? I mean,what is the world coming to, right?

So read the first ten pages. But, still. Second, almost nothing happens. In the first ten pages, our lead crashes her bi-plane into a bird. She flies another plane somewhere else and has to spend three days in a smoking non-sleeper cabin before being unable to fly back in the Hurricane with everyone else, after which we follow her train trip to London zzz.

The crash is sold as near fatal. So the opening ten minutes are redundant. It should all be cut. So if the opening 10 is emblematic of the remainingthen there would be plenty of opportunities to trim the screenplay. Focus only on that.

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