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Jack LaLanne- Anything is Possible Trailer

Post a Comment. Welcome to East Village Afternoon Monday, January 24, Jack LaLanne - By now you've probably heard of the passing of fitness and t. He died yesterday at his home in California.

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Post a Comment. Welcome to East Village Afternoon Monday, January 24, Jack LaLanne - By now you've probably heard of the passing of fitness and t. He died yesterday at his home in California.

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LaLanne's biography is familiar to most of us. He grew up eating lots of sugar and junk food and felt tired and angry all the time.

Jack LaLanne Bodybuilding Photo by Russ Warner NR DETAILS: We are listing this original vintage male nude bodybuilding photo of Jack LaLanne possibly by Russ Warner at NO RESERVE with a starting bid of $ Lalanne is a well known body builder and health enthusiast. Jan 24,   What you won't hear today on "The Today Show" about Jack LaLanne's life, or anywhere else for that matter, is the fact that he once posed nude for some of . His show, "The Jack LaLanne Show" debuted in and was the first ever television exercise program. It ran until , in spite of the fact that critics said the show would be off the air in six weeks. New Nude Video Clips Top Naked Celebs Blog: Search Celebrity.

Then at 15 he heard a lecture by health food pioneer Jack Bragg, and from that moment on, there was no looking back. LaLanne cleaned up his diet, started lifting weights and began a pioneering career as a fitness guru. In he opened his first gym which later became a string of gyms, eventually selling them to the Bally's Company, which still operates a chain of health clubs today. In the course of running his gyms, LaLanne also invented several fitness machines which are still in use today, including leg extension machines, pulley machines which used cables, weight selectors and the original model of what is now the Smith Machine.

LaLanne's t. LaLanne was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in I never knew these pictures existed until now, and to put it in perspective, I'm in my 60s, so I've been around a while. And I suppose the reason I didn't know about them is that the media collectively speaking didn't deem it important that I or most anyone else knew that Jack LaLanne posed in the nude, with no hint of a fig leaf.

Jack LaLanne- Anything is Possible Trailer

Hell, the media dumped on her for having the temerity to do her exercise show in a leotard. Such a photo shoot would have forever been an albatross hung around her neck. I've been trying to find more information about the nude photos LaLanne did with Russ Warner.

Jan 24,   Jack Lalanne was one of the sexiest men to ever walk the planet. Here he is with another body builder Jack Thomas, both nude and totally exposed. From what we've read, Jack lead a . The best of the West Coast physique celebrities posed for Russ Warner: Mr. America Jack Thomas, Jack LaLanne, Keith Stephan, Ed Sinderoff, and Norman Tousely, to name a few. Wouldn't we all love to have been there for that famous photo shoot where LaLanne & Thomas romped buck naked on the beach, holding hands and lifting one another in the air? Jack LaLanne Dead at 96 Legendary body builder, fitness expert, entrepreneur and nude model Jack LaLanne has died. Here is his biography, as well as a few Nudiarist.

I do know that LaLanne tried to suppress the photos when he became a television star, but the existence of the images didn't seem to have any detrimental affect on his career. It is well known that the muscle mags of the 50s attracted a lot of gay interest, and continue to do so today. Whether you are gay or straight, there is much to admire in LaLanne's incredible body and willingness to share it with others through photography.

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