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He looked up as the door opened, pleasantly surprised to see Meredith. No need to be so formal when we aren't in front of the students. Michael rubbed his hand over her inflamed back, the skin already warm, turned a light pink. How about if I flog your hanging breasts? Part 1 Coach Jorgenson sent Elizabeth to Headmaster Michael and now she stood before him, a pretty little thing, not like a girl who would be in such trouble.

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Let us see that delightful body accented so nicely with your outfit. Begin with deep knee bends. Make sure your knees go out to the side when you do. She looked down, her crotch almost naked, a tiny bit of fabric pushed tightly against her pussy sawed her slit as she went up and down, rubbed her tender inner lips painfully.

Their eyes were on her crotch each time she lowered her body towards the ground, her thighs ached as she tried to give them the look they wanted, eager to please them, anything to make her punishment less.

She began to perspire, her stomach drawn tight, her legs ached. Keep in that position for ten seconds before rising again," the men moved behind her now. Now the shorts split her ass cheeks, dug into the tender crack, the rough material slid up and down as she bent over, the shorts pulled tightly over her cheeks each time she touched her toes, her body strained to stay in the position for ten seconds, her legs shook in pain. She felt the cool air of the room on her cheeks, knew that the shorts did little to hide her charms, more accent than cover.

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Jamison ordered her. He moved closer to her, felt her body shake as he pushed his crotch into her ass cheeks, rubbed his hardened cock up and down. His hands moved to her hips, guided them back and forth, her naked skin rubbed against his throbbing member, felt it jerk and quiver in his shorts.

He pulled back, his hands moved where his cock was, back and forth over her cheeks, felt the young, taut skin of her ass, his fingers took the small strip of fabric and moved it further in over her split until both ass cheeks were naked. He gripped her cheeks in his hands, his large palms clenched each firm cheek in a powerful grasp. She felt him behind her, he took such liberties with her ass cheeks, her shorts pulled aside, pressed deep into her crack, his hands gripped her naked flesh as if he owned it.

She felt his powerful fingers pull her cheeks apart, felt her anus spread wider as her crack was pulled almost flat. Jamison used one hand to slap her tender cheek hard, the skin ached from the sharp bite. The hand caressed again, then another sharp crack to her other cheek, her body trembled to stay in position, her thighs ached from the deep bent over position.

Her ass began to heat up, Mr. Jamison continued to slap her, caress her, then slap her ass again. Her ass throbbed, sure that it was beat red by now, his powerful hands beat her tender cheeks. It was made for spanking. Do you like that?

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Do you like when I spank your ass? His hand moved between her legs, his fingers found the tiny patch of material that covered her sex, pushed in deep between her lips. She shuddered when he touched her there; his fingers ran over her shaved lips, the material split them apart.

Lafitte," he laughed as he touched her, felt the wet material in her crotch. He found her out, his fingers not be content with just her ass. She felt his fingers touch her sex, made things even worse, her juices flowed freely. Her body bent over submissively, legs spread wide, her ass almost naked, his powerful hands beat on her young flesh, all combined to make her wet, the power that he had over her made her body demand more.

Stand up, Kari. Take off your top and lace your hands behind your head. Elbows out," Mr. Lafitte commanded. They both waited impatiently as she stood and stretched from the unnatural position before she let the sports bra slip off her body and fall to the floor. She kept her eyes to the ground as she put her arms in the position they required of her. Your titties aren't very big, so we want you to arch your back to accent them," he teased as she thrust them out, as if she was trying to make up for their small size.

He loved the look on her face, knew she realized that her body craved what they did to her, the humiliation plain on her face.

He looked down at her breasts, not large, but firm as young breasts are. Her nipples were something else, large and pushed out over an inch-and that was before they had even been touched. Dark brown areolas surrounded the pink flesh, all framed by white flesh, a hint of tan from a low-cut bikini. He blew on the nipples, tiny goose bumps appeared on her areolas, her nipples extended out even farther.

She arched her back more, eager to feel his touch. She couldn't wait for him to touch her, her nipples ached, she arched her back out brazenly, offered her young breasts to his eager fingers and hands. She watched, almost as if in slow motion, his hands moved down to her stomach. She sucked in her breath as his rough hands fondled her, higher and higher in a circular motion until she shivered when his fingers touched the underside of her breasts, brought a delightful surge to her loins.

He cupped them from below, almost as if he wanted to test their weight, hefted them up and down in his hands, his eyes glued to them as they bounced beneath his gaze. She so longed for him to touch her nipples, to stop the ache, to feel them grd. She had very sensitive nipples, the least amount of stimulation could almost drive an orgasm from her body.

Lafitte played with her firm breasts, delighted in the way the firm flesh snuggled into his hands, his palms wrapped around the flesh, his fingers only inches from the hard nipples that pushed out so provocatively. He couldn't wait any longer; two fingers gripped the hard nipples, a throaty moan from her lips as he gently squeezed the rubbery flesh.

Her back arched farther, her breasts pushed deeply into his hands as his fingers continued to squeeze and release the nipples, as they grew bigger under his touch. He squeezed harder, a profound moan from Kari, his fingers pushed deeper into her delicate flesh, her nipples compressed under his touch, rubbed his fingers back and forth, the nipples pinched between them. She thought she came, her shorts now soaked, pushed into her slit as Mr. Lafitte played with her breasts, his fingers more urgent, squeezed harder, the pleasure mixed with the new-felt pain, her breasts pulsated with the blood in the tips.

He released her nipple from his grip, the blood rushed painfully back to the tip, only to meet the squeezed grip of his fingers again, each time successively harder.

She watched as he clamped her nipples tightly and pulled on them, tugged them from her chest, watched as the pink nipple flesh pulled farther and farther out, turned white as the blood rushed from the crushed tips. She arched her back more, tried to relieve some of the pressure and partly to push them into his grip, offered them for his abuse.

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She rose up as he pulled up on her nipples, forced her onto her toes or suffer the painful stretch of her delicate flesh. Lafitte yanked her up by her nipples, loved the way her abused young breasts so absorbed the pain he inflicted on them, her body shuddered, not in pain, but pleasure.

Her breasts were pulled up at least five inches, her tears formed, her beautiful young breasts now contorted into painful shapes, the cones pulled long, the nipples twisted and mangled beneath his fingertips. He released one breast, then slapped it hard with his palm, the sound of flesh meeting flesh in a painful slap rang out in the quiet room. She shuddered when he slapped her breast, kept the position, knew she allowed him this full access to spank her breasts.

His other hand released that nipple, both breasts now slapped hard, Kari felt them bounce against each other as his hand beat the tender flesh. She moaned in pain, her nipples tingled; her breasts warm from the slaps. She had no time to think, his hands continued to slap at her breasts, felt them dance on her chest as they moved back and forth under the constant barrage. He paid particular attention to her nipples, made sure they received the brunt of each slap, the flesh around them red and abused.

Jamison stood behind her, eager to join in. She felt hands pulled down her pants, eager hands that almost ripped them from her body, the cool air rushed over her sex, the pants slid down over her hips and finally free, fell to the ground, her legs trapped them at her feet. Jamison ordered, watched as she lifted each leg so carefully, caught a quick glimpses of a pink pussy as she pulled the shorts off of her feet.

Jamison moved onto his knees beside her on one side, Mr. Lafitte on the other. She was afraid of what they would do to her. Naked, her breasts already burned from the slaps, both of them next to her, crouched down, her body open and available to them. Jamison grabbed one of her ankles, pulled up her leg, spread it out, her sex open and defenseless.

That was exactly what he wanted, his hand rose up and moved quickly between her legs to slap harshly on her sex, his flat palm smashed into her puffy lips, pushed hard back and forth, rubbed the flesh.

The pain came slowly, the noise first, then an unexpected quietness followed by a sudden shock to her system as the pain raced to her brain, signaled the incredible burn between her legs.

God, how could he hit her there, between her legs, smash her delicate sex? His palm moved back and forth, crushed her lips, pushed between them, knew that it slid effortlessly with her juices. Lafitte was not idle, his hand returned to her ass to spank it, fingers found their way between her cheeks, both her legs pulled out far, her cheeks apart, her anus exposed. Two quick slaps, each time on her anus, a strange feeling radiated from the tiny hole, like when she shit after a spicy meal.

Jamison pulled out farther on her leg, Kari looked like a chicken spread wide, her sex so openly exposed, his hand slapped again and again on her lips, achieved the desired swollen and inflamed inner skin.

They twisted and turned her, flipped her back and forth, her legs used as leverage, her body handled by the two strong men with ease. Lafitte finally grabbed both of her ankles, pulled her onto her back, yanked her legs up over her head, bent them painfully behind her ears. She looked down, humiliated at how exposed she was, fearful as she saw Mr. Jamison between her legs, again. Her fear was not unfounded, Mr. Jamison spanked her pussy again, this time her body so open, her lips pulled apart by the wide spread of her legs, even her anus peeked out, her cheeks split wide.

She bucked and cried to no avail, the men too eager for their own pleasure to even care about her pain, as her sex was battered by Mr. The sharp slaps on her wet pussy rang out in the room, Mr. Lafitte held her tightly in a position of submissiveness, her sex received the brunt of the brutal spanking. Finally he stopped, his hand pushed tightly against her sex, between her lips, the heel of his hand slid up and down her slit, over the wetness from her pussy.

She shuddered when he pushed hard on her clit, the rough skin of his palm rubbed over the silky bud. Kari was bound by the two men. She was on a wide, leather bench, face down, her legs spread wide, on her knees.

They had tied her behind the knees first, the ropes pulled to the bench beneath, Kari groaned as they pulled until it felt like she would split up the middle. But they were still not satisfied, her ankles similarly bound, this time farther down under the bench, her legs now pulled back and spread wide. They bound her wrists. They had pulled them underneath her, through her legs and tied them to her ankles, her head forced down on the bench, her ass arched as if she invited them to fuck her, her pussy, and especially her asshole, open and exposed.

The only thing she could do was shake her ass. Lafitte exclaimed, pulled out a pair of silver chains, thick Japanese clover clamps on the ends. Each clamp was designed to tighten as they were pulled outward, designed with a strong grip that would not let go once clamped onto a tender nipple.

He threw one to Mr. Jamison on the other side of the bench. Kari felt the men on both sides of her, their hands reached under her body to seek out her breasts. Strong hands cradled each hanging globe, able to contain almost all of her tits in their palms, clenched and unclenched on her resilient flesh. Having her nipples pinched was bad enough, she knew that the ominous looked clamps would be much more painful, a fate she had already accepted. Fingers tugged and pulled at her nipples, nails often pushed into the tender flesh, the sharp bite as the rubbery flesh was punished.

She could tell how big her nipples had gotten and, after their abuse, how tender. She screamed when the first clamp snapped shut on her nipple, drove the blood to the tip as it sat just behind the tip, clamped onto the areola and the beginning of her nipple, the blood engorged nipple throbbed in pain. She hyperventilated, waited for the other clamp, her wish granted, another scream torn from her lips.

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Her breasts ached, fearful that had only just begun, that this pain was just beginning. Why did I ever cheat? The penalties more severe than the rewards would have been. She had to get through this ordeal, her body tensed, waited for the men to continue her ordeal into pain and retribution. The men each grabbed their chain and pulled it to the side of the bench, her beautiful proud breasts yanked to the sides, stretched out of shape, the nipples crushed beneath the uncaring metal, tightening as they pulled on the nipple.

Just part of your punishment for cheating. It will teach you a lesson that you will carry with you throughout your life. But there is more," each man yanked the chain painfully, her nipple suddenly crushed beneath the clover clamp, her breasts danced back and forth as they were stretched out of shape, her proud breasts mauled by the men. Lafitte picked up two weights, each over a pound.

He attached the weights to his end of the chain, Mr. Jamison doing a similar thing on the other side. Kari braced herself for the inevitable pain. Even she could not fathom the depths of their depravity as they released the weights, let them fall to the floor below the bench until the chains reached their end, Kari's nipples suddenly pulled out, the clover clamps tightening, her nipples painfully crushed beneath the unyielding metal.

The weights put a continuous, painful pull on the clamp, her nipples stretched out an unnatural two inches, the pink flesh an angry red as it was crushed beneath the cruel devices. Hands stroked her ass cheeks as she shuddered in pain, slid down her spread cheeks before moved to her pussy. The obscene spread of her legs, the arch of her ass left her spread wide open, hands took advantage of the opportunity to run over her pussy from behind.

I have just the thing for her," Mr. Lafitte brought out three sets of clamps. The first was a press-style clamp. Shaped almost in a square, a large screw in the center that adjusted the distance between the top clamp and the one on the bottom.

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If tightened too tight, it would literally crush anything between the clamps. The clamp had a short chain from which metal weights could be hung from it. The other two clamps were called Teeth of Pain; each clamp had five sharp fangs that would dig painfully into whatever was placed between the powerful jaws.

Chains hung down that also allowed for weights. It was a good thing that Kari could not see what they looked like. Kari was still in pain from the terrible torture they inflicted on her tender, young breasts. The sharp pain changed to a dull, ache that radiated from her nipples and ran through her breasts. She felt the hands between her legs that pulled her pussy lips apart, thick fingers gripped her puffy lips tightly; she feared what punishment they had in store for her delicate sex.

She screamed, her ass shook back and forth as the first of the clamps with the sharp teeth bit into one of her tender pussy lips, into the flesh, crushed the sensitive skin. Even being braced for it could not dull the sharp, biting pain of the other clamp, another scream wrenched from her lips. She felt the clamps being tapped, each time a new painful bite of the teeth into her skin brought forth another scream.

She felt the fumbling between her lips again, this time the clamps pulled downward, weights hung from them. When she moved her hips the pain ignited, the weights swung back and forth.

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She tried to stay still, silently suffered the painful pinch on her sensitive pussy lips. You'll feel a pressure as the screw is turned, your clit trapped between the two metal pieces.

Kari realized what the woman wanted and started removing her gold rings. The process repeated for all of her rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklet, and two sets of earrings. After the last item of jewelry was removed the woman stepped away and disappeared through a door toward the rear of the plane. Kari sat feeling strange without any jewelry at all on her body. It really felt strange to be without her watch, she was always watching the clock in her line of work.

Kari buckled her seat belt and glanced toward the windows. They were a heavy dark glass that let sunlight in but was impervious to the eye.

She started wondering about the recent events as the jet-gained altitude. Why was her jewelry removed? Where were they going? Why was the woman dressed like she was? So many questions, so few answers. Kari looked at the luminescent green liquid and saw a single cherry floating in it along with a small diameter bright yellow straw. She turned her attention to the drink. It was in a twelve-ounce clear glass tumbler and smelled slightly of lime when she smelled it. Kari picked it up and noted there was a fine frost around the rim of the glass from the crushed ice floating on top.

She cautiously took a small sip using the straw. WOW she thought, it was excellent! She slowly nursed the drink as the jet continued on whatever course the pilot had planned. The drink had a wonderful crisp lime taste that was tempered by a hint of sugar. She felt so sleepy by the time she reached the bottom of the glass. She decided to close her eyes for just a minute as she sat the glass back on the table and relaxed in the chair. The images were always blurry and never quite in focus. She felt weightless at times during the dream and felt like she was drifting around the world.

The face kept returning throughout the dream. There were also large hulking men that looked like blurry black apes. The dream finally ended and Kari moved into a deeper sleep.

Chapter 8 Kari felt the veil of sleep starting to lift from her. As she started to wake she realized she was face down on some kind of fur rug. Her clothes also felt soft and fluffy against her body.

Kari opened her eyes with a start. She saw that she was in some kind of room like a study or office. There was dark polished wood everywhere and an ancient life-size statue of a Greek God stood in one corner. Kari realized the white rug she was lying on was made of what looked like polar bear fur. Her clothing was gone and replaced by a thick white cotton robe. Kari pushed herself up slowly to a sitting position.

There were ancient candelabras filled with burning candles in several corners of the room providing a warm glow to everything in the room. She turned to see Delilah standing in front of a giant dark hardwood desk with her arms crossed.

Delilah was dressed in a skintight black latex dress that ended at her knees. She wore shiny latex boots that ended at her knees and were laced all the way up the front.

A shiny black leather belt wrapped around her waspish waist and gold metal rings glistened from various points on the belt. Delilah was smiling down at her and her jet-black hair was wrapped tightly into a single tight braid. Kari was in awe of the power Delilah exuded. Only you can decide to continue but before you decide you must know some things. They burned with the same intense green fire she remembered so vividly from her memory.

This contract does not give me your fortune or any of your material possessions. I have no need for those. The contract simply states you are agreeable to the terms I have presented to you during our previous conversation.

How powerful this woman was! That is the only decision you need to concern yourself with right now. What did Delilah expect from her? Could you at least give me a tiny hint, please? She had tried so hard to find some kind of happiness and at times she was so happy. The only problem was that the happiness never seemed to last, it was always fleeting. She closed her eyes and tears slipped from beneath her eyelids, spilling onto her cheeks.

Was Delilah serious about her offer to help her find that everlasting peace? They were so sharp and focused. At this moment they seemed to be filled with nothing but compassion. Kari watched as Delilah turned and walked back over to her. Delilah bent over and set the papers on the wooden floor in front of Kari.

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On the top of the papers was a fancy gold pen with a long white feather protruding from one end. The papers were typed in a neat gothic style cursive on paper that resembled yellowed parchment. Kari stared at the top page and the blank line clearly intended for her signature. For a moment she thought about picking the papers up and reading them but her inner voice asked her if it really mattered what they said.

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She knew that the answer was no. She was going to sign them no matter what at this point, she knew that she had to do this. A slim chance of inner peace was better than no chance at all. Kari picked up the pen with her trembling right hand and started to sign the pages.

She sat the pen back onto the papers and knelt back, looking up at Delilah. Delilah smiled down at her, eyes filled with green fire. Kari picked up the contract with trembling hands. She hoped Delilah did not see her hands shaking. She wanted to be brave when she faced what would come next. Delilah walked over to the desk and placed the signed contract on the desktop. Kari was surprised that she did not even glance at the contract to make sure that it was signed properly.

Delilah was just so confident, like she knew everything before it even happened. Kari tried to put her best smile on her face as Delilah turned and faced her. Delilah stood perfectly still as she studied Kari. The only thing that moved was he emerald eyes. Remove her robe?

She would have argued but something inside told her that would not be wise right now. She stood covering her breasts with her left hand while holding the robe in her right hand. It reminded Kari of a mother encouraging her child to trust her. Kari tossed the robe on the floor and hesitantly put her arms down at her sides. She had never been naked like this in front of another woman. She felt like she was an animal on display at an auction.

She wanted to turn or cover herself up with her hands but she also did not want to anger Delilah. Delilah stepped away from the desk and very slowly walked around Kari. Kari tried to keep looking straight forward but Delilah was going so slowly. The only thing that told her that Delilah was still moving was the occasional click of her high heel striking the hard wood floor. Kari turned her head slightly to the left trying to get a glimpse of Delilah.

It seemed like an eternity before Delilah made her way back to the front of Kari. When you are allowed to speak, short and simple is best unless commanded to elaborate. Most important of all is never disobey my commands. Her cheek throbbed and she stood in absolute shock.

Try again Karissa. As for what you want, you honestly cannot say that this is not what you want because you have not even begun training yet. Before I allow you to speak again I will tell you that every time you speak to someone you will end with their appropriate title. Kari was stunned; this was not what she had expected at all. How could she be trained against her will? This was modern day America, not some medieval world. Kari turned and started running toward the door behind her.

She had no idea where it went but at least it would be out of this room and away from Delilah. Chapter 8 Kari was about to take her fourth step when she felt incredible pain shoot through the back of her head. Kari lay stunned for a minute, the breath knocked from her body. Before Kari could even get her breath back Delilah was pulling her up by her braid. Her head was on fire where her braid connected to her scalp.

She had never known that hair pulling could hurt so badly. Kari started to swing blindly at Delilah but someone grabbed her arms in mid-swing, holding them out at her sides. Delilah stood in front of her with one hand pulling upwards on her braid forcing her to stand, her other hand was on her chin forcing her to look at her.

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Someone had her right arm and someone else had her left arm. The people that had her arms were strong and soon she felt her arms forced behind her despite her best efforts to fight them.

Kari was forced to rest her naked butt on the backs of her leather boots' stiletto heels so she could maintain her balance. Kari felt her face burning in shame as she felt the cool air of the room touch her exposed naked sex. Kari felt her hands grd as . 45, bound naked FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. Kari Byron Nude - We Would Love to Bust Her Myth (39 PICS) Kari Byron is a television host that is primarily known for her role in MythBusters. She was a major asset to the test team as she was the only attractive female on the show. Even though the show is still canceled, desperate nerds still follow her on social media and her other.

Especially when she was distracted by the pain in her scalp from Delilah pulling her braid. Kari felt something wide being pulled around her right wrist and then it tightened on her wrist. Kari tried to shake the people loose but they were simply too strong. Something wide slipped around Kari's left wrist and tightened. She felt her wrists being moved briefly then the hands on her arms shifted to her shoulders. Kari tried to seize the opportunity to attack her captors. She was shocked to find her wrists hooked together behind her back somehow.

Despite her best efforts her wrists were firmly held together! Kari shifted her plan of attack to her feet. She kicked at the person behind her only to have someone catch her right foot and hold it behind her. She tried to hop up and kick with her other foot but someone deflected it. The brief effort had made the top of her head feel like it was coming off because Delilah held her head up by the braid. She cried out in pain and tears clouded her eyes.

The person that had her right foot had put something wide around her ankle. The person let go of her right foot and Kari put the leg under her to help support her weight. Having her two legs under her also relieved some of the pressure on her braid. Kari looked down to see a three inch wide black leather strap around her right ankle.

The inside of the strap was padded with black fur and the outside had a smaller two inch buckling strap going all the way around it. The strap was buckled tightly around her ankle and she could see a shiny chrome padlock holding the chrome buckle closed. The only thing she had ever seen like it were straps she had seen to hold mental patients in hospital beds.

Kari could not help but stare in shock as an identical strap was placed around her left ankle. She was so shocked that she did not even realize Delilah had gave her enough slack in her braid that she could lower her head to watch.

Kari watched as a pair of female hands with very long red nails expertly buckled the strap tightly to her ankle. The hands returned briefly to place a chrome padlock through the chrome buckle.

Kari was sobbing softly as the hands returned with a short length of chrome chain. Another chrome padlock was used to secure the other end of the chain to the ring on her left ankle strap. She noted the chrome chain was about eighteen inches long and a half inch wide. Kari looked up as the hands disappeared, tears still falling from her eyes. Delilah stood before her, hand still firmly grasping her braid near its base.

Kari looked down again as she felt something being wrapped around her waist. It was a black leather belt about four inches wide. This belt had no fur padding like the other straps. Kari felt it being tightened behind her back and then the same red nailed hands twisted it around her waist until two smaller buckling straps were up front.

The red nailed hand produced two chrome padlocks, which Delilah passed through the chrome buckles and locked. Kari felt her chin and braid grabbed held by Delilah again. Kari trembled visibly and tried to stop sobbing. It happened while Delilah was talking to her and caressing her cheek.

The action was so fast that Kari only realized the change after her wrists were already at her sides. She tried to lift her wrists only to find they were immobile at her sides. The rings were each centered over the outside of her hips. There was just enough slack between the rings and the padlocks to allow her arms to hang naturally at her sides.

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What had it gotten her so far? A sore head and lots of bruises probably. This one was made of white leather though. It was about two inches wide and also lacked fur padding. This strap had a small chrome boxy looking buckle on one end. The other end had a single hole punched in the strap itself.

She wondered what this one could be for, what was left she thought numbly? It felt so strange and for a moment she thought she was going to be strangled with the strap.

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She instinctively reached up to pull the strap away from her throat but her wrists were held firmly at her waist. The strap was pulled around her throat tight but stopped just short of causing her to choke. She watched as Delilah took a very small key from her belt and then her hand and the key disappeared beneath her chin. Keri felt her face flush red. She felt like some kind of animal, being collared like this!

She felt tears welling in her eyes again. As she did so she gently stroked her hair. Kari wondered how someone that had been so mean to her could also be so gentle to her.

Even though these terrible things had just happened to her she still wanted to believe Delilah really wanted to help her. Kari almost asked what Delilah had just said but she realized Delilah had not been talking to her. She heard high heels on the wood floor behind her as one of the girls she assumed they were both girls moved around. At the same time something was closing around the back of her neck.

What felt like several buckles behind her neck tightened the device around her neck. Kari could smell leather and she could only guess the device was made of black leather like most of the rest of her straps. The front part of this strap felt like it was specifically cut out so that her chin rested in it.

The parts on the side of her head and behind her neck seemed to rise higher than the front. Kari had never imagined anything like this in all of her life. She felt like she was living a nightmare. She prayed she would wake up soon. You will be my greatest prize! Delilah stepped forward and held her in her arms.

The smell of the latex was different than the leather. I know you are scared, everyone is when they start their journey. Kari felt Delilah grab her hands in hers as something black passed in front of her face. Kari wanted to say no but she knew she had little choice anymore. She reluctantly opened her mouth. Suddenly something was pushing between her lips and then it slipped into her mouth.

She bit down on the object and tasted rubber. The object was only a half inch thick where her teeth came together but she could not bite through it. The part inside her mouth, past her teeth was larger.

It felt like it was several inches in diameter when she tried to run her tongue around it. Kari felt something flat on the outside of her mouth covering her mouth and what was left of her chin.

Then she felt it press firmly against her mouth as it was tightened behind her head. She could smell leather under her nose so she imagined it was some kind of strap again. The thing in her mouth was somehow attached to the strap though. Delilah squeezed her hands slightly and smiled at her. This gag will just help you to remember the speech rules.

We are almost done now and then you can get some well deserved rest. What else could they possibly do to her? The answer came swiftly as someone handed Delilah a black leather strap with a chrome buckle on it. The strap was shaped different than the others and also made different.

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The stuffed part was half an inch thicker than the rest of the strap, which was about a quarter of an inch thick. Kari realized the darkness was absolute as she tried to open her eyes and look around. It was useless. She felt a hand gently stroking her hair. This is the beginning of your journey, it will get easier in time I promise. Tomorrow I will expect her to be prepared for training. She was forced to step forward. She took a step and would have fell on her face if she had not been grabbed by her shoulders.

She had forgot about the chain between her ankles and tried to take a big step. Kari took a small step and put her foot down. She repeated the process with her other foot. As she took her steps she could hear the chain between her ankles rattle. The pressure persisted on her neck and she took another step. Her feet were now on the hard wood floor. To her surprise the floor was not cold like she had expected.

Her thoughts quickly turned back to walking as she nearly stumbled. It was hard to walk with her hands held immobile at her sides. She was afraid she would fall and she knew there would be no way to catch herself before she hit the hard floor.

Chapter 10 Kari had worked up a light sweat by the time the pressure on the front of her neck finally stopped. It was hard to concentrate on walking with her ankles chained together when she had to go by feel alone. Though she still partially stumbled at times her gait had become a lot better since she first started. Kari stood breathing hard through her nose while she heard what sounded like keys jingling. It was separate from the key noise and she realized it sounded like the noise her ankle chain made only closer.

Kari now believed she knew what was pulling her along by her the front of her neck. There must be a chain connected to the front of her neck device similar to the one between her ankle straps. She was on a leash like a dog! The chain on her chest moved slightly and she heard a faint noise like a door opening somewhere in front of her. Suddenly the slack in her leash disappeared and she was pulled forward again.

She could not see it but she knew she was being pulled through the door. She was pulled forward eleven steps but she had been turned partially to the right as she walked.

An arm touched her upper right arm as the leash went slack. Kari started to sit but she never imagined it could be so hard. Without being able to use her arms for balance she felt like she was going to fall backwards. The device around her neck also forced her head to remain level with her torso, which in turn forced her back to stay straight. Kari ended up bending forward at the waist and slowly bending her knees.

Just when she thought she was going to fall backwards her thighs touched something cool and soft. As her weight settled she realized she was sitting on some kind couch or bed. She reached down with her fingers and felt the object she was sitting on. The surface was cool and smooth like silk sheets. Underneath the covering it felt like a mattress or heavy foam pad. The covering was stretched so tight that she was unable to bunch the material up in her fingers. Kari heard the chain between her ankle straps rattle as she lifted her ankles off the floor.

Kari felt her legs and feet touching the smooth cool surface. Kari had no choice but to trust the woman. She slowly allowed her upper body to tilt back. It was a strange feeling because her head was forced to stay perpendicular to her back because of the neck device.

In less than a minute she was lying flat on the cool, smooth material. The cold links of her chain leash draped between her bare breasts and trailed off below her right breast.

Kari felt the chain leash move as it was lifted off of her chest. Then the faint sound of the door swinging shut. Kari could tell by the sound that the door that was closing was the same one that they had came through. Kari lay on the bed trying to focus her thoughts. Kari felt no wind at all on her body and heard no sounds at all.

She felt her legs with her fingers, trying to reach her belt. When she curled her fingers she could touch the edge of the belt. She relaxed and let her hands go slack.

There was no getting out of the belt she told herself. After all everything was tight and locked in place. She shifted her legs and touched her left foot against her right ankle strap.

She felt the smooth leather and the cold metal of the ankle chain and the padlock. She pressed against the top of the strap on her right ankle with her left foot. The strap moved less than a quarter of an inch down her ankle.

She switched feet and tried to force the strap on her left ankle off. Once again it moved less than a quarter of an inch before stopping. It looked like her ankle straps would also be staying on as well she thought bitterly. Kari opened her mouth and pushed against the rubber thing inside her mouth using her tongue. Despite her best efforts the rubber thing only flexed slightly and immediately moved back into place when she relaxed her tongue.

She tried to chew the thing in two but after more than fifty bites she only managed to make her teeth sore. The gag would also be her companion for now she decided. Kari tried to turn her head but the device on her neck was the least flexible thing of all.

She pushed her chin down until veins bulged on her neck and still her head was held perfectly perpendicular to her torso. Kari stopped straining against her bonds. The only thing she could think of was the slaves from hundreds of years ago.

She thought that was something you only found in books though. What the hell was this training they kept talking about?

Kari suddenly started to sob into her gag. There was absolutely nothing she could do to change her situation right now. The gag prevented her from even trying to plead with Delilah to release her! She was not even given a sheet to cover her naked body. Instead she was forced to lie exposed to whoever might walk in. Her body lay still and the only thing that indicated she was still alive was the occasional rise and fall of her chest. Chapter 11 The sound of the keys in the lock woke Kari from her troubled slumber.

Kari quickly realized her current predicament was not a terrible nightmare but in fact reality. The previous day or nights events came rushing back to her. She felt slightly cramped and wanted to stretch really bad. Kari forced herself up into a standing position. As soon as she was standing she felt a tug on her leash and she was forced to start walking. It took her several minutes to remember how to walk with her ankles chained together. This time they traveled a shorter distance but it still got Kari breathing hard through her nose.

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She was eager to have her bonds removed, that was certain. The same rules that apply with Mistress Delilah apply with me slave, I hope you remember them. Do you think you can behave if I remove your bonds slave?

join. was and

Lift your right foot if the answer is yes slave. Kari felt her ankle straps removed first. The next thing removed was her leash that she heard fall to the floor. The gag was removed next and Kari took her first deep breath of fresh air in hours.

The device around her neck followed the gag and Kari moved her neck from side to side. Kari stopped moving and felt the woman remove her blindfold. She blinked in the brilliant whiteness of the room.

One entire wall of the large room was composed entirely of frosted glass cubes. The sunlight streamed through the wall and Kari was forced to continue squinting while her eyes got used to the bright light.

As she stood up she spoke firmly. Do you understand slave? Her hair was shaved into a tall fluorescent fuchsia colored Mohawk that hung to her waist. Her fingernails were several inches long and also a bright fuchsia color. Around her waist was a chrome link belt that had several items hanging from it.

One of the items was a shiny chrome pair of handcuffs; another item was a thin brown leather strap, which ran through a bright pink ball, the last item was what looked like a brown whip of some sort.

It reminded Kari of the ones she had seen on movies where they had the kinky sex scenes. She could see that the straps were still padlocked around her wrists as she held them out. Mistress Alexis removed a key from her waist belt and unlocked the padlocks holding the cuffs on her wrists.

She then unbuckled the cuffs and hung them on one of the stone walls of the room. Kari saw that a good portion of one wall of this room was devoted to leather and chain devices like she had never imagined. Kari was smart enough to know that none of the devices were for fun though. A foot of delicate chrome chain connected the cuffs. While the cuffs were tight they were not painfully so. Kari followed, glad that her ankles were no longer restrained. She followed Mistress Alexis around the short wall to an area where the floor was slightly lower and six shower heads protruded from the wall.

Below each shower head were shelves built into the walls containing soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and scrubbing tools. Mistress Alexis came around behind Kari and quickly freed her hair from the braid. She then walked over to a small electronic control panel near the half wall and pushed several buttons.

A heavy spray started to come out of one of the shower heads. Kari gladly moved into the warm spray. The water felt wonderful as it cascaded over her naked body. There had best not be a single area left untouched when I return! Kari started using the soaps and brushed to wash her body. It was difficult to get certain areas because of the handcuffs but not impossible.

Luckily she had always been very flexible. Kari glanced around the room and thought of escape.

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