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There wasn't much hair growing yet, and her pubes felt almost as slick as bare skin. I traced circles with my finger tips up her inner thighs almost to her knees, then back down to that place of special pleasures. I could see her cleft beginning to become more moist, more wet, as she was aroused by the stimulation of my fingers. I centered my movements more and more around her pussy slit, wanting to arouse the youngster even more.

I glanced up and saw her close her eyes, enjoying the sexy sensations. Tentatively, I ran the tip of my middle finger slowly up through her cleft several times, feeling the wetness I was creating, gathering it on my fingers and spreading it over her pussy.

Her head was tilted down now, her eyes open and watching my every move as my fingers delved into her fuck hole. The tip of my middle finger started to push aside the outer lips of her cunt and move into her. I stopped moving my hand, cupped her cunt with my palm and easily, gently sunk my middle finger deep inside her tight fuck hole.

Traci moaned at the sudden intense explosion of pleasure. She looked down between her open thighs and watched as my middle finger disappeared into the slick slot between her legs until I reached my hand.

I couldn't push it into her any farther. God, that feels good Her eyes closed again for an instant and she moaned a little louder at the sharp barrage of sexual pleasure shooting from between her legs up through her youthful body.

Although the entrance to her pussy hole was tight, she got very wet quickly and my slippery finger began to move easily in and out of her. She continued to gaze down between her slim open legs, her eyes wide and sparkling, watching me finger-fuck her.

In and out my finger moved, each time sliding over the clit at the top of her pussy slit. Sometimes, I would let my finger slid farther down to her little puckered asshole and skim the tip lightly over that other pleasure point. God, she had a great little ass. God, it feels good.

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I feel like I'm, you know, gettin' really wet, really hot down there. She took them easily. I set up a steady rhythm and used my thumb to gently rub the area of her clitoris. The horny little twelve-year-old girl laid her head back against the arm of the old couch and closed her eyes, the intense sexual fire between her widely spread legs building.

I don't think she'd ever been stimulated like this before, even with her brothers. The strong, musky smell of her pussy juices mixed with her sweaty, pungent body odor creating an arousing scent of youthful body and sex.

Is that what you want, for me to fuck you? Putting my arms around her I undid the knots holding on her halter top and it fell to the floor. As I imagined, her small breasts were like shallow little cones, just beginning to sprout up from her chest and achieve some roundness. But her nipples were already sensitive, pink and hard and standing out from the little mounds on her chest.

I pulled at the small, pink pebbles with my finger tips, enjoying the feel as they rolled slightly back and forth between my thumb and first finger. The little girl pressed her chest against my hands, jolts of sexual pleasure flowing from her nipples down to her cunt like a hot, electric wire, making her even more wet, more horny. God, it feels so good I like playing with them, and I'm glad you don't wear a bra.

I like it when young girls like you don't wear bras; it's so much more sexy that way. And I like it when they don't wear any panties, either. It makes me really horny and hard thinking that they aren't wearing any underwear God, what would my mom think Undo my pants," I told her, never taking my hands from her growing little breasts, my fingers never ceasing to rub over her hard, sensitive little nipples.

Her hands went to the waist band of my jeans and quickly began to unfasten and unzip them. Her trembling, excited fingers fumbled for a minute before she got them open and let them fall to the floor at my feet.

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I stepped out of them. I wasn't wearing any underwear and my cock stood out straight, hard and erect from my loins. Without coaching, her eager little hands wrapped around my hardness and slid back and forth along the sides, feeling my length.

Guys like it when girls play with their cocks like this. You mean, their cocks, don't you? She had a lewd, happy grin on her face, and I could see she was enjoying herself. I'm sure they'd appreciate having their sister jerk 'em off like this and make 'em cum.

I'll try it on 'em. God, it was as if I couldn't seem to keep my hands off this wonderfully dirty, sexy little girl. I put my hands around behind her and ran my fingers up and down through the narrow crack of her ass, playing with her asshole with my finger tips. Traci's hands were busy between my legs exploring, pulling and stroking smooth, hard length of my cock with her fingers and playing with my balls. The twelve-year-old found this new experience extremely arousing and couldn't wait to do it to her brothers.

Now she could have some fun, too. After a few minutes, we climbed up onto the musty old mattress that was sitting up on boxes, and lay down together, our hands still busy stimulating each other. Her fist slowly skimmed up and down my velvety shaft while my fingers played in that wonderful warm, wet area between her legs. She lay on her side with one knee in the air and the other on the mattress, the moist little pink slit between her legs readily open and available to my eager attention.

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I slipped my middle finger into her hot little fuck hole and slowly, leisurely, finger-fucked her again. My other finger tips fondled the swollen pink folds of her moist little cunt as I looked down and watched my middle finger moved in and out of her slit. She was still wet from her previous experience and my fingers moved easily in and out of the oily wetness of her tight pussy opening. God, I loved playing with her little girl cunt.

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This twelve-year-old was such a sexy, sensual young girl, so willing and so eager to open her legs for pleasure without a sense of guilt or shame or modesty. I figured it was from the attention her brothers had been giving her at home.

Sex play like this must seem so normal, so natural to her. As she held and squeezed my cock in her fingers, she looked down between her thighs and watched as my hand slowly moved back and forth over her sweet little pussy and my middle finger slid in and out of her slit, a look of joy and sheer lust on her face.

But, I could tell she was hungry for more when she closed her eyes and groaned at the delightful sensations I was creating between her thighs. Slipping my finger out of her cunt, I put my arms around her and rolled over onto my back, bringing her slim, naked, girlish body with me until she was lying on top, her hard, little nipples against my chest.

Her smooth, slender thighs lay on either side of my belly, the area between them open. I reached around her as she lay on top of me and brushed my finger tips along the back of her smooth, naked thighs and over the roundness of her taut little ass, enjoying the feel of the two round globes of her shapely behind.

Sliding my fingers down between her open legs, I caressed young girl's pussy lips from behind, her slippery wetness coating my fingers as I played with the folds of her little cunt. After a minute, I slipped my fingers into her again, letting them poke inside her hot, horny hole. It was really fun playing with her pussy like that, but my prick ached for more. I found my cock and directed the head up until it lay at the entrance to her cunt. The outer lips of her slit parted and I felt the warm wetness of her tight pussy surround my cockhead.

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The ridges of the tip of my prick were held in place by the elastic tightness of her pussy opening. I was inside the sexy, young girl, but just barely. I put my hands around her slender, girlish waist and pushed her back onto me while raising my hips slightly, my shaft pushing up farther into her tightness.

Little by little I could feel the walls of her cunt slide along the sides of my hard, throbbing cock as I entered the horny little twelve-year-old girl's sweet fuck hole.

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Eagerly, Traci pushed back harder and sat up a little more, her hands and arms pushing down on my chest as she pushed her ass back, loving the sensation and wanting it all. I could feel her ass twisting and wiggling, sinking more and more onto my hardness. Her pussy surrounded my cock like some hot, tight, wet tube enclosing my thick shaft. No pussy, no girl, ever felt better.

Inch by sensuous inch her tight pussy moved down onto my shaft. The outer lips of her cunt seemed to grip my cock like a warm, wet mouth, pulling and sucking on it.

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Finally, I was completely inside her. I could feel the base of my cock against Traci's pelvic bone and knew she had taken my complete length. She laid her body down on top of me as I held her hips tightly against me, her head on my chest as she enjoyed the sensation of being filled up inside with my thickness. I put my hands around behind her again, and stroked the delightfully smooth, round contours of her shapely little ass and thighs with my finger tips.

Eventually, I let them wander down between her legs and felt the base of my cock where it disappeared into her cunt. Gently, I caressed the rubbery folds of her wet pussy lips as they surrounded my shaft.

The oily dampness from her slit coated my fingers making them slick and I slid them back and forth through her crack and over her asshole, fondling the firm, round little globes of her butt. Yeah, that's good I put my hands around her waist and gently lifted her body up and down as she mastered the movement.

I could feel the tight grip of the small entrance of her pussy pull at my cock with each up and down movement. My rod had never felt so thick, so hard and, as aroused as I was from fucking this sexy little twelve-year-old girl, I knew I couldn't hold back my orgasm for long.

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I held onto her slim hips as she moved and could feel her tender little body shudder with each deep penetration. She was sitting upright now, her small hands on my chest, using only her legs to move herself up and down as she pushed my cock in and out of her warm, wet pussy. Slowly at first, then a little faster as the sexual sensation of fucking began to grow between her legs, the youngster fucked herself on my cock.

Dropping my hands, I let her do the work as I watched her face. The expression seemed to be a mixture of innocence and lust as she enthusiastically pulled herself half-way off my cock and then sank back down, impaling herself on my pole. Her little nipples were hard and erect as they stood out straight from her small, barely formed breast mounds and I put my hands up on them and let the rough palms rub across the sensitive little pink buds as her body moved up and down.

The pungent odor of sex and her young, sweaty body moving again and again onto me mixed together to create a scent of unbelievable sexual arousal. I'd never fucked a girl this young before, and it felt so unbelievably good. My cock was stone hard and my mind seemed to be floating in an erotic euphoria as this horny twelve-year-old girl eagerly fucked herself on my sex shaft. The slippery wetness from her pussy was making the movement easier and Traci leaned down over me more, her little ass moving faster and harder up and down as she pulled herself almost completely off my cock before urgently ramming her pussy back down again.

Her eyes were closed, her face intense, and I could tell the fire of lust and sex was building between her legs. I could hear her breathing rapidly, her breathe hissing through her teeth each time she impaled herself on my cock and her clit collided with the base of my sex shaft. If she didn't cum soon, I knew I wasn't going to be able to wait for her orgasm. It was just too tight, too hot, too sexy, and I was going to shoot into her any minute now.

Oh, God OH, GOD I looked up and saw her head tilted back, her eyes squeezed shut as waves of orgasmic ecstasy swept through her little body. Her insides seemed to be melting as the intense sexual pleasure flowed up from between her legs and washed over her, sensations so powerful, so pleasurable, everything else became a blank.

Nothing existed in the world except the tremendous feeling of release that pulsed through her, exploding in her brain. It was so much fun watching the little girl cum like this for the first time. It was so incredibly sensual, so sexy. I put my hands around her girlish waist and held her tightly onto my prick as I felt the contraction in my balls begin. Instinctively feeling my climax approaching, she pushed her taut young body back onto me hard, twisting her little ass back and forth as if she was screwing herself onto me.

Oh, God, I wanna feel you shoot in my hot cunt The incredible pleasure of sexual climax exploded in my head. I grunted as the first shot of cum spurted hard up into the twelve-year-old, my hips thrusting up and into her again.

The next couple of spurts seemed just has hard. Shot after shot sent spasms through my body as I filled her with my cream, my muscles tense and rigid as I came. I was unaware of time passing-everything seemed frozen; nothing was significant except the exceptional sexual sensations washing over my body. I hadn't climaxed that hard in a long, long time. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, almost paralyzed from the intensity of our orgasms, our loins still making the hot connection and any movement sending another spasm through our bodies.

Although my cock was starting to lose it's erection, I still felt the elastic grip of Traci's cunt lips squeezing the base and holding it in her. Finally beginning to relax, I opened my eyes and looked up at the youngster as she sat on me, legs spread across my loins. Warm, sticky wetness seeped out of her slit and over my lap.

She giggled, then let out a long sigh. It felt so warm, like something hot and wet filling me up. Can we do it some more? Fucking you made me cum harder than I've cum in a long time. You've got a great pussy, and I want to fuck you again and again, but not today-I've gotta be at work in an hour. You said your brothers like to play with your pussy; I've sure they'd like to fuck you even more. I'll bet they could make you cum, too.

God, it felt so good I wanna fuck a lot. I got a towel and helped her clean up as we both got dressed. Fucking is the way that girls get pregnant. You don't want that. I can't get you pregnant because I'm sterile, but other boys can.

Be sure they wear a condom over their cock before you let them fuck you. That way, both of you will still have fun but you won't get pregnant and you'll be able to fuck all you want. Because you've been so nice to me, I'll run over to the store and get you some right now, if you want.

It'll just take ten minutes. That'd be great.

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When can I come and be with you again, sometime? She and her best friend, Sarah, always played together around the house and rode their bikes or took walks around the neighborhood. They were both young and nubile little nymphs around thirteen or fourteen-years-old. Although they had well developed young bodies they were not the glamorous or cheerleader type-the kind that wears lots of make-up and goes out on dates.

Instead, these girls were good in school and didn't hang out with the 'popular' crowds. But that doesn't mean they didn't have the same intense sexual longings of other, more 'popular' girls. Sarah was tall and slender with long, thin, straight brown hair that hung down almost to her waist, and a pleasant, though shy, smile.

She reminded me of the 'hippy' girls from the sixties, with their long, straight hair and tight hip-hugger blue jeans that clung to her long, slender legs and tight, shapely ass. Lisa had a shorter, more compact body, with short blond hair, freckles and braces on her teeth. She looked like she would get heavy as she got older, but now was beautifully proportioned as only young girls can be.

Her bright and bubbly personality seemed to make her perpetually smile. Both of the girls had round, nicely developed asses and large breasts for their age. Their breasts tended to stand straight out from the chests, like ripening melons, starting full and tapering to rounded points tipped with long nipples.

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Like most of the young girls around the neighborhood they seldom wore bras during the summer, preferring to wear halter tops and swim suit tops, or just letting their breast bounce freely beneath their summer T-shirts. There faces weren't really pretty-just a little cute, and the boys never paid much attention to them.

But they had the same curiosity and strong sexual desires all young teenage girls have, and they secretly yearned to have some boy kiss them using his tongue while he played with their full breasts and sensitive pink nipples.

The girls knew me and we would greet each other as they laid out in the sun next door, or walk past the house in summer shorts and flimsy tops. I would always pause to admire their developing young bodies, my cock growing long and hard thinking about their jiggling breasts and tight pussies. As I watched them passing by I could tell they felt my admiring glances, and they would look back at me and whisper to each other.

I didn't usually wear any underwear, and I know they could see the large lump pushing out the front of my shorts.

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One hot, summer afternoon shortly after my session with Traci, they were sitting on Lisa's front porch as I stood in the yard doing some yard work. I had taken off my shirt and worked in just my running shorts and tennis shoes.

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I could see the girls glance my way as they sat close together like conspirators, talking in low voices. Just to be neighborly I gave them a smile and a little wave.

They conversed for another minute, then got up and sauntered over. Johnson," said Lisa. There's just not much to do. Sarah, her long, straight brown hair hanging down her back, was wearing very tight cut-off jeans that seemed to cling to her hips like a second skin and barely reached down to cover the sharp curves of her ass. The shorts were pulled so snugly up between her legs that I could see the roundness of her pubes and the crease of the inside of her thighs.

Long, slim, pale legs extended from her compact behind, ending in little bare feet. A sleeveless cut-off T-shirt hung just inches below the bottom swell of her full, bra-less breasts.

Lisa, shorter and more compact than her friend, was wearing shorts that, while loose and billowing around her legs, were also pulled up tightly into her crotch forming a nice 'V' shape that met on the front of her pubic mound.

Once, when she briefly turned around, I could see the material of her shorts riding high up into the crack of her ass and I wondered if she was wearing any panties. I was hoping to find out. She was wearing a top similar to Sarah's and her large, pointed breasts pushed the T-shirt out and away from her chest like the poles of a tent. We went into the kitchen where I fixed a pitcher of lemonade and we took it downstairs to the den, a room I had recently finished in the basement.

It was cool and a little dark, but comfortable and, most of all, private. A couch, over-stuffed chair, several tables and lamps, bookcase, television, and stereo furnished the room.

We sat together on the floor, our backs against the couch, sipping our drinks and talking, the girls next to each other and me on the end. It's really boring. They must be blind or stupid. How do you feel about that. We wish we had a boy we could, you know, do some things with It makes us feel good.

I looked over at Lisa, who hadn't said much. It got so wet I guess it's supposed too, huh. We lay together face to face and practice kissing and using our tongues. After a while we both get pretty excited, so one of us will put our hands underneath the other's shirt and play with her breasts Usually we'll take our shirts off after a while. It feels really good. We usually take turns being the boy and girl so we each can have our nipples licked. I could tell they enjoyed each other.

The more we talked, the more open the girls became, and I wanted them to use the right sexual words. God, it felt soooo I started to do the same thing to her. She got really wet there.

I guess that's where a boy's cock goes. Girls like to do that to each other, too. It makes them feel good. I want both of you to say it. We kinda did it all night, finger-fucking each other.

Even in the morning, I had this funny feeling when I woke up and found Lisa with her hand between my legs, making me feel good. I did her, too. They knew what I was saying. Sarah, who was sitting cross-legged next to me said, "Sure. Her mouth was closed, at first, but opened when it felt the insistent probing of my tongue. When she felt my tongue slide into her mouth she pushed her face hard against mine, connecting our mouths forcefully, her own tongue pushing past mine to explore my mouth.

I put my hand to the side of her face, caressing her smooth cheek, pulling her mouth to mine. She was eager, and I could sense the pent up flood of sexual energy about to burst within her. After a few minutes we pulled apart.

I pulled Lisa's mouth to mine, and her kissing was equally as passionate and erotic as Sarah's. I sat back. Leaning across my body they embraced, mouths connecting and tongues busy licking and sucking inside each others' mouths. It was fun to watch. Taking turns we continued to kiss, freely and openly, enjoying the searching tongues and hot, wet mouths. God, I was getting horny. The girls were, too. Kissing Sarah again, I slid my hands up under her short, little top and began to caress her firm, bare breasts.

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Her body gave a little start at the first touch of my fingers, but immediately relaxed as the thrill of sexual excitement flooded her breasts and filled her young body, centering in that delicious place between her legs.

I slipped my thumbs back and forth over her puckered little nipples and they immediately grew hard and firm from the manipulation of my fingers. I could feel her press her chest against the action of my hands and fingers, wanting to increase the electric sensations jolting through her.

Her breasts felt incredibly firm, yet round and smooth. I ran my fingers lightly along the sides and underneath each tender mound, skimming them slowly forward to the tips of her hardened nipples, my thumbs never leaving that sensitive area.

Then underneath and up again, following the downward curve, caressing every sweet inch of her full, young breasts. I pulled away from her mouth. Do you like it?

I've always wanted a guy to feel my tits like this," she moaned, her head tilted back slightly and eyes closed, concentrating on erotic feelings generated by my fingers plucking at her nipples. I turned to Lisa, sitting next to me. Her breasts were as full and ripe as her friends.

The large, pink nipples extended from the tips, hard and firm from the arousal of watching us. A look of anticipation and anxiety crossed her face. I could see she was breathing faster. I dropped my hands from Sarah's front, turned, and immediately closed my hands over the front of each young breast as they stood out from Lisa's chest.

I heard her gasp as the roughened palms of my hands made circles over her nipples. She liked that. We kissed again, my hands never stopping their caresses as I felt every inch of her sweet breast mounds.

Like Sarah, she pushed forward to increase the stimulation on her nipples, looking down and watching as I played with her sensitive breasts. Breaking the connection of our mouths, I leaned down and licked over her nipples with my tongue, taking each into my mouth and gently sucking and biting. The salty taste of her smooth, young skin was wonderful.

A loud moan came from her mouth as the increased sensations washed over her. Her young body was responding rapidly to the manipulation of my fingers and tongue, and I knew her pussy was getting wet. After a minute my head came away from her nipples and I looked back over at Sarah. She had also slipped her top off and her young breasts pushed out from her front, naked and inviting, nipples aching to be licked and sucked.

I turned to her, letting my mouth move over each mound. Back and forth, between the two young girls, I used my mouth, tongue, and lips on their breasts and nipples, sexually arousing and exciting the young girls as they'd never been before.

Increasingly, their moans of pleasure became louder, more hurried, more wanting, and I felt bad I couldn't stimulate both at the same time.

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Sitting back for a minute, I looked at them. Their hands went to each others' breasts and I watched as their eager fingers pulled at each pink and erect nipple as mine had done, smiles of pleasure spreading over their faces. Busy little hands circled and caressed each other, creating pleasure and making them horny. I watched for a few minutes as the two young girls, barely in their teens, delighted in girl sex.

My cock was pulsing, rock hard inside my pants as I watched them. Soon they were kissing each other, deeply, passionately, tongues playing back and forth from wet mouth to wet mouth. I decided to get more involved. I moved up next to them. Because they were up on their knees there was plenty of space between their young thighs. I put a hand on each other their naked backs as they faced each other, lost in mutual girl-sex play, kissing, sucking and caressing each other, and I let my hands slide down over the gentle curve of their firm, round behinds and underneath between their legs.

Immediately I applied pressure up into each girl's crotch, pushing my fingers up into their pussies and feeling the warm wetness already there. They didn't protest at all, so I sat back a little, making it easier to run my hands back and forth between their legs from behind as they knelt facing each other. I could feel Lisa push her body down slightly against the insistent pressure of my caressing hand, trying to make the contact better, harder.

Her shorts were pulled tightly up between her legs and I could feel the roundness of the mound of her pussy and her girl slit through the material of her shorts. The oily wetness of her pussy juice was already beginning to soak through. The heavier denim material of Sarah's cut-off jeans made it more difficult to stimulate her cunt, but I knew she was feeling something by the way her ass began to wriggle on my probing, pushing hand. The girls turned to me and we kissed, one at a time, my hands continuing to run back and forth, pressing up between their legs from behind.

They finally turned enough so that I could shift my hands around to the front, and I brought my hands around and cupped the front of their pussy mounds through their shorts, firmly rubbing back and forth between their separated thighs while my fingers pushed up into their moistening slits.

Their hands continued to play with each others' nipples, pulling and pinching at the hard little pink shafts sticking out from the tips of their teenage breasts. They smiled, faces flushed with sexual excitement. God, I'm so wet down there. Doin' this to you makes my cock so hard.

Why don't you do me like I'm doin' to you? Lisa put her hand lightly on the shaft. She applied a little more pressure and began to run her hand up and down the length of my cock. Sarah's hand joined her, curious to feel her first cock. Sarah looked at me. I moved closer to her. Lisa moved back, out of the way. I unsnapped Sarah's shorts and slowly, teasingly, pulled the zipper down. She laid back on the carpet, lifting her ass up as I pulled at her shorts and grabbed the waistband of her panties as I pulled them down and off her feet.

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A small, light brown triangle of curly hair extend from between her thighs up just a little onto her lower belly. I stood up and spoke to Lisa, wanting her to get in on the act, too. As she pulled down the zipper they immediately fell open, revealing my cock. I wasn't wearing any underwear and my jeans fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and moved to Sarah, my cock throbbing as it stood out from between my legs.

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I knelt down at her feet and gently caressed her smooth, slender legs with my hand, enjoying the feel of this young girl. Her face was full of both anticipation and nervousness. Her knees parted and spread out as she kept her feet together. Her beautiful fourteen-year-old pussy mound was covered with light brown hair, already matted and wet from our previous experience.

I could see the pinkish cleft of her slit in the center of the raised folds. Immediately I slipped my tongue deeply into her pussy, licking up through the short length of her delicious little slit.

The sweet, pungent taste of her pussy juice and the thought of licking this young girl seemed to make my cock even harder. I felt her body jump a little at the initial contact, but right away she relaxed, caught up in the sudden intense sexual sensations shooting up from between her legs. Back and forth I flicked my tongue up and down her slit, licking and sucking.

She instinctively tried to close her legs together with the first explosion of pleasure, but my arms held her open, and soon I could feel her pushing her knees back trying to push her cunt against my mouth and increase the wonderful contact. After a moment I licked around the outside of her mound, through the crease of her thighs, tasting the saltiness of her soft teenage skin, then plunged back into her slit, licking and sucking, tasting her wonderful juice.

She was incredibly wet now, and I knew she was ready. Raising my head up, I got up on my knees and shifted my hips forward, over her open pussy. Using my right hand, I placed the head of my cock against her girl slot, pressing the tip down into her cunt opening. Pushing my hips slowly, but firmly, forward, I looked down between her legs and watched my thick, swollen shaft enter her cunt and slowly disappear as, bit by bit, it sank up into her warm tightness.

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