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Dick Tracy (Sega Genesis) Part 2: Bitchy Little Itchy

Pruneface was a high-ranking Nazi saboteur working within the U. He was sometimes known by the code-name "Boche" the French word for "German". Pruneface was not elderly, and his wrinkles were the result of a bad skin defect. He had light hair. Early in his adult life, Pruneface and his wife Ana were part of a vaudeville act that included whip tricks.

Itchy chuckles]. Big Boy Caprice : Welcome to new waters, Dick!

Dick Tracy Ed O'Ross as Itchy. Menu. Movies. Dick Tracy: [dryly] And that you are guilty of attempting to bribe an officer of the law. [Tracy throws all the money back in Big Boy's face. The Kid smiles, realizing Tracy never meant to take the bribe money. Itchy always packs a rod, and has a nervous trigger finger. A weasel of a hood in the Big Boy mob, Itchy is one of the grunts of gangland. Sour-faced and mean, he is usually ordered to back up Flattop on his contract hits. A perfect mimic, he uses his powers to imitate voices to help set them up. There is no scummy deed to low for Itchy to perform. Itchy is one of the supporting antagonists from Disney/Touchstone's film, Dick Tracy.

We're gonna run one hell of a ship with you aboard. There's a big world out there, and it's up for sale. All of it.

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All we gotta do is make sure that the people know I'm the one big enough to run it. The Kid smiles, realizing Tracy never meant to take the bribe money. The thugs grab hold of Tracy].

Itchy : Hey, hey! Flattop : Not so fast, coppa. Itchy : Thirty seconds, no more Dick!

Itchy (Dick Tracy)

Thirty seconds, no more Dick! Sign In. Dick Tracy Showing all 4 items. Jump to: Photos 1 Quotes 3. Production Design. Comic book Films. Pruneface was featured in 2 separate storylines, each comprised of 2 episodes. He was played by actor Alan Keys sometimes credited as "Keyes". Pruneface also appeared in an episode of The Famous Adventures of Mr. He was voiced by actor Marvin Miller. In the episode "Dick Tracy and the Mob", original airdate Feb. The gang also included the Brow, Flattop, Mumblesand the Mole.

Pruneface did not appear in the pilot, but a make-up test was prepared for a possible future episode with actor Lon Chaney Jr.

Itchy dick tracy

The character's appearance seems heavily influenced by his appearance in the UPA cartoons. Pruneface was said to be the leader of an international criminal organization who used the home of the unwitting Miss Canine as a base of operations. He and his henchmen trained dogs to hold off police while they committed crimes such as bank robberies. He was eventually stopped by Dick Tracy, with the aid of a robot dog.

In the comic book tie-in - which gives him the real name Lorenzo Prunesti - Pruneface was shown to be one of Lips Manlis ' more prominent rivals.

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Pruneface employed corrupt lawyer Danny Supeenaand - according to memorabilia such as the trading cards and action figures - he specialized in sabotage, demolition, and explosives. Pruneface later joined the consolidated underworld organization run by Big Boy Caprice.

It was revealed during the big gangland meeting that Pruneface had thrown a firebomb in Big Boy's car previously, but Big Boy was willing to let the past be forgotten. After Tracy and his squad planted surveillance expert Bug Bailey in the Club Ritz attic, Pruneface was present when Baily was discovered. Pruneface aided Big Boy in setting a trap for Tracy at the Southside Warehouse, with Bug relaying the information to Tracy before being captured by Pruneface and Influence.

Tracy arrived at the warehouse and freed Bug while Pruneface and Influence's attention was diverted. As they turned around, a cement-covered Tracy found himself vulnerable with a jammed gun. A faceless figure in the shadows fired two shots, killing Pruneface.

Pruneface's last word before attempting to shoot Tracy- "Reload! Pruneface was one of several villains shown as part of a large gang in issue 2 of the comic book miniseries Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive published by IDW.

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Pruneface was also part of this group. Pruneface was not shown being taken into custody after the villains' hideout was demolished, so his fate is unclear. Pruneface appeared as an antagonist in the second issue of the comic book miniseries Dick Tracy: Forever. In a story set some time after the end of World War II, Pruneface was a Nazi agent who was working with the Brow to produce poison gas that they planned to use against the people of the United States. The plan was thwarted by Dick Tracy and the private detective Bricks Walker.

Pruneface attempted to escape, but was captured and arrested. Pruneface also appeared in the epilogue in issue 4. Sign In Don't have an account? This prompted Elia to agree to help lure B. Itchy strapped B.

They were about to take it back to the police station as evidence when Itchy and Mrs. Mahoney stormed in and demanded the money. Mahoney had a change of heart, remembering her promise to go straight, and prevented Itchy from shooting Tracy by jumping in the way of a Itchy's gunshot.

The bullet killed her. Itchy escaped with the doll and the moneymoney, locking Tracy and Patton in the room. With the help of his accomplices, Itchy tied B. Tracy and Patton tracked itchy to his hideout after he killed the other members of his gang so there wouldn't be a split of the money.

Itchy fled and hid in a wedding procession, causing everyone to think that the doll with the money was a present for the bride.

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Junior Tracy recognized Itchy and ran to the nearest call box. Itchy shot the car's driver and hijacked the vehicle.

Dick Tracy - BADASS Tommy Gun Scene (1080p)

Tess and Junior followed in another car from the wedding. Itchy hit a cow on the road and the car exploded. He managed to escape but forgot the money, which was burning up in the car. Junior and Tess investigated the fire, and looked for a way to call Tracy.

Junior confronted Itchy and was knocked unconscious. Itchy followed Tess to her car and held her at gunpoint, having her drive them away while he wore her coat and hat. Tess asked for her purse for a hanky and grabbed her lipstick while Itchy was reading a newspaper. She wrote the word "help" on the outside of the car door, signaling any police.

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